My new Green Ping!

Hmm, it sure looks cool! I love the screen, and the blue backlight on the remote is nice. And there is a pic. inside the box of a little kid in his superman costume reaching for the sky! Ahh, to be young again… (i.e. pre dX) I wonder is it strange to be most excited by a new product that I need more than want? Have I failed as a consumer, as well as a diabetic?
In any case, all half hearted philisophical mumbo-jumbo aside, I have programmed the meter remote and the pump for I:C ratios, correction factor, and insulin sensitivity. Now I am waiting for a call from the area trainer. I am quite sure I could load it and star pumping, but I suppose I must wait for training. I wonder what they will tell me that I don’t already know? Having cross referenced my data with the online chart at, and reading Pumping Insulin, Cheating Destiny, and Think Like a Pancreas, I am confident that this should go smoothly. My only regret is that I chose the simpler device! (I was debating the Cozmo, which has more programming capabilities.) But then again, once I start, I’ll know for sure if my decision was correct, at least for the next four years… :slight_smile: I just want a device that works and works well, and has a measure of convenience that I felt the Cozmo was lacking. Curiously, I am not as excited as I was when researching the pumps; I think after all, the big D still makes me feel crappy day in and day out, so I am not really hoping for too much. But given that, some improvements, if any, will surely be some respite. Despite my marginally good control, which resembles a rollercoaster at times, I am hopeful…! A cure would be nice.

I wish you the best of luck with your new pump. :slight_smile:

Congrats, you will notice better control though. I had a problem of hypoglycemic unawareness and after a month of being on the pump I started noticing when I was going low or even high with my BG’s before I even tested.
From start to finish how long did it take for you to finally get the Ping? It has been 2 weeks for me now and my reps aren’t responding to me.