My New Normal - My Story

Hi, I'm Corey from Learning Patience.

I'm a US expat living in Trinidad.
3.5 months ago, I jumped into a pool and severely fractured my right foot.
As a runner, preparing for my 1st official half marathon, I was devastated.
I felt like all my hard work over the past year had floated away.

Then, 2 months ago, I finally got my cast off.
I was finally feeling normal again.
That was until I went on vacation mid August.
I traveled to my parents house in Missouri from Trinidad, where I live.
When I arrived, I was very thirsty.
My eyes were crazy dry.
I was tired, very tired.
I knew something was wrong.
I went to the ER.
The ER nurse told me I had "jet lag".
I made her give me a blood test.
Initially, the nurse said my tests looked fine and told me to get dressed.
Then, she came in to the room, with a look that said it all.
Things were not fine...
My blood sugar was 489.
Thank goodness, I trusted my instincts and went to the ER.
She told me that I had Diabetes and sent me home with testing supplies and Metformin.
My mom said on the way home, that she was surprised I wasn't admitted.
The next morning, I tried to run and I could barely make it down the driveway.
I couldn't breathe...
I was scared.
I googled the medicine and saw the only severe side effect was "shortness of breath".
I went back to the ER and the Dr. told me I was in Ketoacidosis
My ketone reading was 88.
After a blood gas test, which was a horrible - horrible procedure, I was admitted to the hospital.
And that's where I stayed for the next 6 days.
I had lost 10 pounds in 5 days.
My A1c was 10.7%.
A week later, it was confirmed that I have Type 1 Diabetes.
I was very close to falling into a coma.
I almost died.
It was scary.
Yes, I cried.
A lot.
Then, I decided to stop pouting and just deal with it.
I went from scared of needles to giving myself shots 4X a day.
I decided that I would not let this define me.
I would not stop running .
So, I have Diabetes and will take insulin for the rest of my life...
It could be worse...I could be dead.
This is my new normal - And I'm OK with that.
I hope you click on over to keep up with my journey, travels, recipes and my life in the Caribbean!

thank god you trusted your instincts. honestly putting a young, thin, apparently healthy women on metformin! you had classic type 1 symptoms. you are handling your D with maturity and grace. like you suggested life does not always go as expected learning to deal with the joys and suffering and putting it all into perspective is what makes us better for all life sends us. you seem wise beyond your years. keep shining brightly. amy

i just peaked at your website, i am a vegetarian and am going to try some of your recipes, congrats on finding the good life in paradise, i am jealous!

You have one of the best smiles I have ever seen, don't let anything take that from you.

@jacob's mom - AMY - thanks so much - its all new to me but all I can do is accept aand move fwd - thanks for checking out my blog i have some REALLY good recipes!

@Josephine - that is too sweet - thank you :-)

I have always preserved this feeling in me that I nearly died. Not to be scared about it but more to be thankful. Even when things get rough from time to time. We can have a new normal and it is different but good - you are absolutely right. Richard a member here is a great example. He has managed more than 67 years with T1 and has only minor complications. To me this is very comforting and assuring.