My new upcoming career as a seamstress

So now we have a pump attached to our boy… and I have come to realize that I am going to need to alter every frigging shirt this child owns to make them pump-friendly. We had tried putting his pump in a pouch around his waist but couldn’t keep him from exploring it, and for the safety of this device and the child attached to it, we need to keep it out of the reach of little fingers. No small task. Mom got me a couple of shirts from a pump-wear store, the smallest ones they make and they’re still too big… but the more important aspect of that was that it gave me an idea of how to put a pump-pocket on the shirts. I’m no seamstress but I can at least stitch a straight line… or so I thought, until I tried this… I had to appeal to a coworker of mine who is so handy with her machine, she makes her own clothes and handbags. She altered one of Eric’s shirts in nothing flat, with a cute little race-car fabric my mom bought (it’s shown in the picture of him I just added but you can’t really see the pattern well). She has another of his shirts and is going to work out a step-by-step instruction book so I can start doing it myself, assuming I can locate my sewing machine in the store room. For now, we’re keeping the pump-ready undershirt Mom bought on him 24-7 with another shirt over it to keep it clean, until I can get a few more shirts ready to go. I can see this is going to be a regular addition to my chore set because he’s going to need a new batch of pump shirts (not to mention PJs) every few months. Did I mention that when he was weighed and measured last week, he’d gained 3 pounds and grown an inch? In less than six weeks’ time? Ay.

It never occurred to me this transition was going to involve so much wardrobe!

Hey, you should start up a business with this idea. What if you put up a website with a few of pics of these shirts and see if there was an interest out there?

There are already companies out there making shirts, but I can’t afford to pay $25 per shirt for a child who’ll wear them for maybe three months! I’m just copying the basic concept and altering the shirts he has (mostly hand-me-downs from his big brother). But what I might do is develop a clothing exchange here on so that parents of little 'uns can obtain pump-friendly used shirts without having to pay through the nose… If I can get the whole seamstress part of it sorted out, that’s my next step!