My newest toy:)


well, not a “real toy” I am learning what it is like to finally have medicine to assist in keeping my numbers even. :slight_smile: The doc is cool and I know that I’m gonna make mistakes in dealing with him. Just because I look at things from very different angles and my understanding is normally “tainted” by my juvenile mind:P
This week I’ve learned that medicine is an interesting thing. My first day on was a total crappy headache… Thinking back I wanted to blame it on new medicine. But then, logic of doc and hubby convinced me it had to be something else. My next discovery was a total “I’m not hungry, Why should I eat?” type of days. LOL! then shrugging it all off I decided the heck with no appetite. I’ll just eat some stuff because it tastes good! Talk about a wild few days now! Well, I learned that just because the medicine can lower my numbers doesnt mean that I shouldnot be responsible for myself. ahh… the end of my days of play!
I did not record any of these crazy bgs on my SugarStats page! It would be amazing that the numbers were low… embarrassing when the numbers were high!
Ok Today, I was not supposed to step on a scale to check my weight until Monday; but I did. hee hee! 182 even! At least I’m ready to move on with this.
I still have absolutely no appetite.
I made some homemade hummus. Munched my way through one cucumber sliced and dipping it in the hummus. Then, munched on a granny apple and some cashews.
I think I wont bother testing this weekend and will start testing again on Monday when I start back to officially weighing in.( if I feel off; I’ll test. I wont eat anything crazy.)
Oh how I wish I could be wild and free… but that is not the case. On the otherhand…I think I will dig out some pretty material and set it where I can see it often. My motivation for a sexy new nightie to play with my dearest:)
I can just see me weighing in 10 pounds lighter teasing him with a pretty nightie:P (me is mean!) and my goal is set.