My niece is 8

Just hit me today, and makes me sad.

Both my nieces were over Friday night for a sleepover and it hit me that my beautiful (baby) niece Avery is 8 the same age I was diagnosed with diabetes cannot even imagine her being able to handle such a burden and so not fair for such a tiny sweet girl.

Are you saying she IS one of us?

No just saying I was her age when I got this disease and I cannot imagine my sweet little niece carrying this burden at the age of 8. How did we do it?? How did I do it??? Just makes me sad as I still see my 8 year old niece as a little baby too young to handle something like this, and yet there is still no cure and children are still having to handle this at even ages younger than 8.

Hi Karen. I feel for you, but for several different reasons. Obviously, none of us wants anyone we know to get what we have. Why would we? But then again, it sounds to me like you got the treatment some of my peers did. I was blessed. I had a world class pediatric endo who eventually won the Order of Canada for her work. I was taught that there was not anything I couldn't do with my life. So many of my peers were given expiry dates (ie, you'll die before you are XX). I was encouraged about school, sports, travel, family, etc. I knew that I could do whatever I wanted with my life and I had parents who supported me well (taught everything to take care of me and bear the burden). So here's the thing. If your precious niece ever does get it, then you can be her shining light. The proof that she can live a good life, that nothing will stop her. You will be the one to tell her because you will be living proof.

How do WE do it every blessed day… it is a good question!

I was young once, and many things happened… all of us cope the very best we are able. Children are not as fragile as we often think. They are strong, and so are we all.

If she's related to you, she must be tough!

Thanks all, have not been around here lately and was catching up