My night time low

I had a low afew nights ago…I had been working in the day and was so very tired. I remember getting my snack ready, but in the AM i found it on the counter…oops. I went to bed at 10:00pm and woke around 1;30 to find myself having a dream and it kept repeating itself and I had a panicky feeling in it. I woke up my heart racing and
got my meter out and put my test strip in and got my lancet out and popped it in my mouth and then thought I lost it so I searched all over and couldn’t find it so I got another one out and tested. I was 3.0 and so I got my drink box out and then realized I was chewing something. I spit and there was my missing lancet. Thankfully I never swallowed it! I think i will keep my lancing device loaded at night from now on. No more trying to function half asleep and low.

Lol at least it was a lesson learnt without bodily harm :slight_smile:

I have done exactly same thing but with my strip…held it in my lips while putting back the rest only to forget where I put it and start all over again.

I’m glad you didn’t swallow it! Yikes.

I learned from someone here (the great AcidRock23 perhaps) that when I wake up feeling very odd, to treat first, then test. For the “cost” of one four-carb dextrose tab, I have the insurance I need that I can continue functioning long enough to find my meter, work all the paraphernalia required in order to test and figure out what’s going on before going off the rails. If it turns out that I didn’t really “need” that four grams of carbs, no harm no foul.