My Not So Sweet 16

Ok so tomorrows my bday. Today was supposed to be this awesome party where like 20 of my friends come over and hang out (later today, anyway). My mom is making my cake. I wanted it to be like a black background with “Happy Birthday” written in pink and some pink music notes. However, when mom was icing the cake last night, she forgot the black part. We were gonna turn chocolate icing black, but she forgot and put just plain brown. There really isnt a way to fix that. she suggested we put pink and brown. I was like ew, no. thats girly. Im not a girly girl. Black and pink would be like punk rock or something. Brown and pink would gross me out. The only way I like pink is if its with black. So we scrape off what we can and break out moms dyes. And guess what? no black. So we figure if you mix enough colors, eventually you get black, right? Wrong. You get an ugly green color thats really bitter from the red dye. So we had to throw that out.
Just now one of my best friends (thank God it wasnt Mariah…) texted me and said she couldnt come. Great.
I thought on your sweet sixteen you were supposed to feel like a princess and be happy. So why do I feel more like a peasant? (maybe Im over reacting because Grandpa’s gone…idk) I thought this is what girls wait for…their sweet sixteen. Why do they even call it “sweet?” Cause right now, as far as Im concerned, not one thing in life is sweet.
Im not a princess and this is a fairytale gone bad. Happy birthday to me.

Happy birthday Brandi! Hope that you enjoy your birthday and time with friends and family! The cake is not the most important part if you are surrounded by good people :slight_smile:

Let us know how it went!

Thanks Kristin!
Yeah it turned out pretty good. lol we all packed into my big brothers room and played rockband. haha and i love him for letting like 10 of my friends into his room to play.
And Riah came too! She’s my best friend that lives right down the road from me. She’s 19. I love her so so much! She’s so sweet.
Lol and almost everybody got me something that was shiny. lol my friend Rocki was like “and what does that say about your personality?” haha idk what it says…