My one word - Worry!


My one word description of how I feel being touched by diabetes is the word "Worry". I am consumed by worry for Olivia.


Ronda, Ronda…oh I know your worry!!!
I am not only worried, I am in sheer panic. Sara has only one more year here at home…then off to college. I have sent her off to camp before for 30 days at a time…French camp, but there were nurses and other medical staff in case. I can’t believe that 6 years have past and after this, 7 and then she HAS to do this by herself!! She has to be careful at parties, with friends, with pranks and I am worried some one will do something to her…or not help her if she needs help…especially at night. I want to buy one of those old people monitors…life alert…so she can get help if she just presses the button. I wonder how parents of teens are dealing with this. Of course, I don’t let her know how terrified I am. ~:0