My own pool

I have lived in this apartment for a year now and haven't ever tried the outdoor pool. Tonight I was planning on going swimming at the public pool but didn't feel like it, so decide to try the outdoor pool. I thought (from what I'd seen) that it would be too small for swimming, but it was actually pretty decent. Not really big enough to do lengths, but big enough that I could kick back and forth or use just my arms and not be hitting the opposite wall every five seconds.

I swam for about half an hour and it was nice swimming outdoors on a sunny, cloudless evening, especially since the pool is surrounded by trees. Swimming on my back, the only thing I could see was trees, a few apartment towers, and blue sky.

For some reason tonight I felt like I couldn't breathe the entire time. When I was a kid mint flavour (like gum, toothpaste, etc.) used to set off my asthma and make me wheezy. Not sure if I was slightly allergic to it or what. As an adult I've been fine. Lately I have been using my Ventolin (or whatever the generic is) inhaler pretty much daily, sometimes twice a day. I've been meaning to go to my doctor or the clinic about this as I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to be using it so much. I think it's mostly from allergies, even though the pollen here isn't that high. Anyway, tonight before I left I had a stick of "Hydromint" Trident gum and as soon as I chewed it my lungs felt weird. Then I went swimming right afterward and that, and possibly being outdoors surrounded by trees, just made it way worse. So I used my inhaler as soon as I got back up to my apartment and it's mostly helped, but I think I should definitely bring it up with a doctor.

I am definitely going to try and use my apartment pool more often on days I don't feel like going swimming or doing some other form of exercise. With a pool and an exercise room that I am paying rent for, I don't really have an excuse not to exercise daily except for laziness!

I agree with all you mentioned ...I purchased a Condo at the Lougheed Mall , Burnaby area in 1974; it had a pool ...3 strokes ( ????) ...well before diagnosis in 1983, I lost 25 pounds ( in 1979 ) apt buddies realized I was serious for NOT talking to anyone for the next 30 min paid off ..( and I was on the Condo Council , ha, ha )

Wow, I hope I can lose 25 pounds, that is great! The other people there were all either sunbathing or just bobbing around in the water. I was the only one swimming back and forth, and only ran into one person. :)

Lougheed is a good area, I would love to buy a condo there or here in New West, but will have to wait until I'm done school to save for a down payment in this metro area!!!

Now off to finish watching Amazing Race Canada (they are in Vancouver this episode!).

That's great news! I've read about your odysseys to get to the public pool and I can imagine that having a pool downstairs will be much more convenient for you. I'm sort of the opposite as I like to go running outside more than on the treadmill but there's no substitute for a pool in your house!