My Passionate Fight Against Diabetes


A bit of history :
The Canadian Diabetes Association invited me for the making of this video , November 2009 to Vancouver , BC and this November , Diabetes Month , 2010 featured the video on the Association's website , amongst many other Diabetes Champions .
The bus ride one way took 7 1/2 hours ; picked up by a young lady , who does her training at the studio, from the bus depot ...changed from travel cloths , someone added make up to the face and voila , more wrinkles showed up .
BG tests a bit wonky during travel, as I noticed an air bubble in the pump's tubing ...good thing I had a seat by myself and was able to " zipper down , unhook , hook up etc. " , got rid of the bubble and am here to tell the story , even if I felt a bit tired due to the whole process.

Judith , I think you are off line for a couple of days …wish you well …and thank you for your comment …you made my day !!

To Danny , another one of my TuD friends : E is my second language !! …my Canadian Hubby taught me well for the last 30 years :slight_smile: …oh , my hair : I mentioned to my D. Specialist some time ago , that I was loosing hair and when we met at the Edmonton CDA’s NAGM she asked if I was still loosing " it " …she has humor besides knowledge !
I just look like my Dutch Auntie , who is in heaven …same hair …how innovative us girls are :slight_smile:

It’s the volunteering that keeps you looking so young Nel. You are a fantastic lady.

Well done Nel and thank you for sharing with us!

Ah Nel, you make me smile. :slight_smile: I enjoy reading about your Adventures and Successes and I salute your Passion…

Hal, from White Rock !! , Cheryl and Terrie …what kind observations …Thank You …

PS I received an e-mail from " my adopted Saskatoon Mom way back to the mid sixties , when I arrived on the prairies not knowing a soul " and I like to post this here …stay tuned.

Here goes for the ones, who stay tuned :
Dearest daughter Nel!
To borrow your own phrase - "What can we say here, but we are so happy for you, and so proud of you."
We’ve known you for so many years, and can certainly see the achievements that you have made in both your elequent speaking and in your leadership roles. No mother could be more proud! Congratulations - congratulations! and continued success on the rest of your journey.

Included among your supporters, Gordon must have been a major contributor too - so kudos to Gordon as well!

With fond regards to you both,
Margaret and Elaine.
PS Mother Margaret is in her mid nineties :slight_smile:

Aww! That was sooo Nice of them to write that letter to you Nel. I bet you were sniffling all over the place when you read it. They sound like Terrific Ladies. Mid-ninties. WOW!

Oh on that note, a Cute Lady celebrated her 100th Birthday here. She loves to go bowling and she visits the “old People” to cheer them up. LOL!

Perfect video Nel. Good job! And again…you do not look 70.

City of Salmon Arm
500-2 Avenue NE
Mailing Address: Box 40
Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4N2
Tel: 250.803.4000 Fax 250.803.4041

November 8, 2010

On behalf of the City of Salmon Arm, I am pleased to offer greetings to Diabetes Champions, volunteers and donors in our community.

This is now an ideal time for community members to learn about diabetes-a condition that is becoming more and more common around the globe.

Fortunately, the Canadian Diabetes Association offers many resources to help those diagnosed with diabetes, including programs and services, research and advocacy. That work would not be possible without the dedication and support of many volunteers and donors. I’d like to thank those volunteers and donors for exemplifying the City of Salmon Arm‘s vision of “making a difference “

All the best as you honour Diabetes Champions on World Diabetes Day.

Yours truly,

Marty Bootsma


PS I was unable to copy and past the original letter with the mayor’s signature and letterhead

Ahh - too bad I wasn’t with you on the bus ride - remember last Fall in Montreal (IDF congress)l when you were having issues with your insulin? We found a place to sit down - while you discretely pulled pants down to reveal the infusion sit - you pulled out the infusion set (stainless steel needle) - reinserted into “virgin” flesh on her legs. In order to keep the infusion set in place, as the adhesive wasn’t working, I think I had a few plasters on me, or I’d gone off to find some tape (memory is abit foggy here - but it was so neat to help out Nel - as her BG’s were going up and up). Hoping with age my little Nel - that you are bringing spare parts with you when you travel (take note of the FatCatAnna - you’re good to give advise - but do you do it yourself? ). All I know is, since that day, I’ve switched over to stainless steel infusion sets (never reinserted mind you) - and had no issues with teflon allergies, and my infusion sites no longer get all inflamed. Nel is a good teacher ! \^^// .

Hi Anna , yes I recall and your " band -aides " and assistance came in very , very handy …admit not too well organized that morning , due to sleep deprivation , travel time change etc. And we managed !! and I often look back on an awesome meet-up with you and Yves …3 Canadian TuD members in a row from across our land !

Terrie …I like to read stories about the 100 year old ladies , who visits " old people " to cheer them up .Stay tuned…maybe you and I will do the same , ha, ha