My Personal World War

Okay, here is the deal. I feel like I have walked into another dimension. It is a painful and scary one but if I have my way it won’t get the best of me. I had a liver operation in 2013 and now I have another of the same tumor. I have a fatty liver. I have severe stenosis in my neck and lower back, I have hypothyroid and Type 1 diabetes and I have arthritis. I have a mess of a stomach with esophagitis and GERD. All this has been diagnosed in the past four years. I have chronic pain, bad pain. I have memory loss from medication
I have felt like diabetes is the least of my problems and my diabetes sucks. I got used to all these diseases and the pain and was on an even keel thinking I was in some kind control but then it felt like some odd demonic force built up and when I got a Fitbit and started a walking program decided it was not going to let me enjoy even that. After a few weeks I got so weak in the legs that I had to have a cane and a walker prescribed. I walked very slowly and kept doing it but the next day could not walk, get out of chair or function. Every joint hurt. Everything hurt. I was really surprised by the amount of pain I was enduring.
I had more MRIs and found severe stenosis was worse, I had degeneration of my bones and arthritis in all my joints. I was really disappointed. It really felt like an evil force bigger than me did not want to let me alone and was going to continue with the many years of disease and misery. Then I started gasping for breath and now I am waiting for the results of this nuclear stress test and the echocardiogram on my heart and for heart disease. Then I find out I am in menopause and the estrogen is going to weaken bones even more and feed the tumor! I had to double my Lantus and my BG levels are still high. The only thing good I can say is I am not depressed or crazy.
I feel in shock. I am embarrassed because I have all these diseases. I feel like Job. I don’t know how to act. It is not cool to have anything wrong with you in todays society. How am I supposed to act… If someone says how are you, then what? Who will ever want to have a relationship with me in this condition?
I need to get on a mission. It helps to feel like fighting. I have decided that I am going to annihilate my diabetes by keeping perfect records, continue to get out and exercise no matter how much it hurts and eat right, whatever that means. I started today. My glucometer is hot from taking BG readings. Now let’s see how this goes.:grinning:


Omg lots. Hugs to you. I don’t know if I could deal with all of what you’re managing. For me the diabetes is still the worst. Without that I could live and still be happy for the most part. It makes life a misery for me. The last two days have been awful with big spikes in Bg. Today while I slept it went to 235 and a correction injection , increased basal and changing site only got me to 140. Now I had to eat and going up again. I hope you’re doing better with Bg at least :hugs:

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Hi meee. I am having big problems with BG too. I was hospitalized for 30, 30, 10 and 7 days at a time and the absolute WHOLE time in the hospital my BG was very high and once in a while very low. I had endocrine team working on it and a nutritionist but they never did get it right and I feel sick with highs so it was awful. Now I increased my Lantus by doubling it and my highs are coming down but now am getting lows. My diabetes is probably causing me pain by amplifying everything I have but these other things are so painful it kind of pales in comparison.
I am so sorry your diabetes is giving you a hard time too. Maybe some of the others can say if they have similar experiences or give us some advice. I know concentration on diabetes and focus is necessary. I know everything will just get and feel worse if I let my diabetes go. Giving up is not an option.

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That is awful. I think the docs have no clue how to help us really. Very little that they ever told me helped at all… oh well. I’m glad you’re not giving up :blush:that is the problem. As soon as you add enough insulin to control highs the lows come on.

What a war! And not really much control over most of it. Many hugs to you and peace. When my dad, Long gone now, was having surgery that would help him or kill him, I remember thinking the same way you are. How should I be? I don’t know. But I love it that you are sharing and reaching and continuing to try. You are a major league player in a world of chronic disorders. Your body might feel rugged but your spirit is rich. Thank you for your honesty. You inspire me.


Me too. you inspire me too. I have seen the battle you have waged over the years, how can I not be inspired. If anyone can continue the good fight it is you, because you are a fighter. Bless You Lots.


Thank you Gary. Let’s keep truckin’!

Oh my. I thought I was the only one with all those issues. Type1, GERD (Barrett’s), fatty liver, osteoarthritis. Stenosis in spine. Two back surgeries w fusion, severe leg pains. My goodness. You are a warrior. Stand tall and keep that positive energy flowing. I let myself fall into a funk that I have to battle out of and it’s not good. I fee like I’m simply broken.

I know what it’s like, since after 51 years of type 1 diabetes you realize that the price of continuing to live is that the complications will continue to accumulate. This is especially true for those diagnosed before the home glucometer was invented, since they had to spend many years with extremely high blood sugar since the actual blood sugar level was not reliably measurable. This prolonged hyperglycemia then altered the DNA, so that from then on, complications were genetically imprinted and would continue to unfold no matter what the patient did.

I have two type 1 friends, one of whom is in his thirties and both blind and on dialysis, while the other is in his fifties and has had both legs amputated, and recently decided he has to quit his job. Diabetes is potentially an endless variety of diseases, and has replaced syphilis as the ‘great imitator’ of many other conditions. Interestingly, as syphilis has declined in the Western world, diabetes has risen to substitute for it, and the neuropathy, the Charcot joints, the mental decline that once plagued the world from long-term syphilis now plague the world from long-term diabetes.

Hi, well that is very scary. For me fifty is not really old and it is so sad to hear that someone can go blind and need dialysis at thirty. I guess to for some reason we often feel safe that we personally won’t have amputations. Did both of these friends suffer with high blood glucose from eating the wrong thing or not taking their insulin right or did they just have the unfortunate privilege of getting serious complications? I feel so bad when someone really tries hard to do everything to avoid complications and they still get them.
I had a friend whose brother had Type 2 and was in the hospital on dialysis and had heart disease and was in need of a transplant. He died before he could get one. That is sobering and since this has happened I realized that I have the opportunity to care about my health even if I am being subjected to the “endless variety of diseases.” That is one way of putting it? I think syphilis is the only thing that I don’t have yet.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:…just kidding.

Ok. I’m a type 1 since I was 10. I’m 53 now. I always knew there was something else going on with me. I met other type 1’s that were not near as strict and disciplined as me, yet they had NO complications. So after researching for a few years, here it is:
There is a condition called leaky gut syndrome. The mucosal lining of the intestinal tract gets damaged from high blood sugars, antibiotics, bad bacteria, and chemicals we consume in our foods and the chemicals in our products we use on ourselves like lotions and make up. They all cause damage to our gut.
Being a diabetic with fluctuation blood sugars makes us more subseptable to yeast over growth, called CANDIDA ALBICANS. If you have ever had a vaginal yeast infection it is usually a sign of yeast overgrowth in the intestinal tract. If your gut lining is damaged, it allows these yeast to grab on and hold on to the intestinal mucosal lining and they then group together and build " biofilms" which are like a " house" where they hide and cannot be killed because anything you take to kill the yeast will not penetrate these " biofilms" .
Bad bacteria in the body will do the same thing. So once your gut is filled with these bad bugs and yeasts, you have " dysbiosis".
Unless you heal your gut with healing amino acids from fresh made organic beef and/or chicken bone broths, your gut will never heal. Healing will strengthen your guts mucosal lining and the bad bugs will no longer be able to hold on. These biofilms they make are STRONG!, like glass and concrete. There are known biofilm busters in the holistic community. One of the best is from the silk worm and it’s an enzyme they make to help dissolve their cocoon. It’s called " SERAPEPTASE". It works! Please do the reasesrch on it and other biofilm inhinitors. There is an article in the internet, something like " 71 Proven Biofilm Busters".

The problem with the bugs holding on , is that " yeast" excrete a chemical called “Oxalates” that are like tiny microscopic razor blades. They get embedded in the soft tissues and joints of your body and cause pain and inflammation. There are also natural oxalates from the foods we eat. Spinach, carrots, chocolate have an extremely high amount of oxalates. So if you eat a high oxalates diet, and have high circulating oxalates from Candida albicans( yeast), you are going to experience extreme pain in possibly any place in your body. Joints and soft tissues will be bombarded with chemical razor blades. You have to heal the gut lining at the same time you have to eat an organic, very low carb and low oxalates diet, keep blood sugars as close to perfect as possible, and kill the yeast. They are wreaking havoc on your body. I know because it’s been going on for 20 years with me and I just learned all this info in the last 5 years of researching the internet 6 hours every day. Find a holistic doctor that knows about this and they will help you get through it. Research the internet and you will find help. It’s overwhelming at first, but it gets easier once you learn what is causing your pain and debilitating health conditions. Most mainstream doctors would never be able to tell you what I just explained. They are not educated about it. I hope this info will put you in the right direction. It takes time, usually 3-5 years to heal your gut lining. I’m just starting year 4, and I sure wish that someone had given me all this info when I started. If you can tolerate it, my suggestion is this: take 1 tablespoon organic extra virgin coconut oil in the morning and then again right before bed( it kills yeast). Do the same with Braggs Organic Apple cider vinegar. Do the same with Great Lakes gelatin( it has healing amino acids in it. ( dissolve in a little cold liquid(2 tablespoons of liquid) then add the hot liquid to melt it), and take 3 drops of Oreganol in a gelatin capsule every night right before laying down to sleep. I did all this and I got incredible results. But it takes about a month of it for you to see any real changes.
If you can take the serapeptase to break up biofilms, take that morning and night too. You will probably experience die-off which is the toxins building up in your body from the yeast being killed. Drink lots of water all day and look up what a Herx reaction is.
Good luck to you and I hope this gives you some relief soon! God bless and good luck.:innocent:

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Also, continue to take the gelatin for the rest of your life to keep your gut in good condition and make homemade bone broth from chickens or beef bones. Please try to buy organic and farm fresh raised on a farm. They will be hormone and antibiotic free. Drink a cup everyday of your life if you can!

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You are sure dealing with a lot! I can relate to having multiple issues. Sometimes, I agree, diabetes is the least of my problems. I just did a two-month internship where I stayed with a roommate who had no health issues, and man, that really brought home how much extra work I do on a daily basis to stay alive, healthy, and functional!

I think you have a good attitude. It’s amazing to me how much better I feel when my diabetes is under good control. It makes everything else feel as if it’s under better control, even if nothing else has changed.

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