My Potato Body

Hello! I’ve posted here before a long time ago when I began blogging, but now I’ve started to take blogging a bit more seriously.

I like to blog light-heartedly about my life and more specifically my struggle with diabetes.

I posted this blog post a while ago but its just an example of the kind of things I write about. I hope you like it and I’ll try and write a lot more! I’ll post a link at the end for more recent posts too, so if you like it please follow me! :smiley:

Here we go!

Initially, during the first few months of my degree I stuck to a diet and workout plan religiously. During the research phase of my studies the structure and routine fell apart as I committed myself more to my work. But it’s important to workout some sort of balance to at least get on the right road to becoming fit, and therefore improving my health and more significantly my diabetes control. Yeah I’ve had a setback but its important to keep trying.

Soooo, I’m writing this post to myself, but on the internet, in the hope that it will spur and will me on to get fit and lose some blubber. My misshapen torso resembles a potato while my arms are twig-like thin. Not the look I’m going for. I’m hoping in years to come I’ll be grilling lean chicken on my chiseled abs (because they’re so hot) - obtaining those perfect grill marks (all be it, slightly wider than normal), whilst warming some delicious seasoned sweet potatoes between my cheeks, butt cheeks that is (again, because of the scorching personified temperature of my now sculpted gluteus). I’m not quite sure where I was going with that, but what I’m trying to say is I hope I’m reasonably fit (or at least fit enough to heat food to a moderate temperature using my muscular physique).

I hope I’m lifting large boulders for the hell of it, instead of staring at myself in a mirror crying into a tub of phish food (ben and Jerry’s hells yahh) whilst asking myself how I got so unfit and lazy. Asking myself why I’m eating ice cream with a ladle: its because you’re lazy yo! There were no washed up spoons and the ladle accommodates your large inhumane thirst for, fish shaped chocolate peppered, ice cream.

At this moment in time, nothing fits as it did. My boobs are saggy already, when I was hoping they would stay perky for at least a couple of years (I’m a guy by the way). My clothes are obtaining holes and the number of notches on my belt are decreasing, fast!

My trousers are splitting, rather embarrassingly, either from the amount of friction my thighs are now generating while walking, or simply the increased circumference of my legs. T-shirts are revealing the unflattering folds and tyres of my belly. So I basically don’t look too great in my opinion. I’m not really looking for a super physique right now, or even in the far future, but rather one that I can respect and be relatively happy with. Not to say that I shouldn’t be right now, but we all have personal goals. I just aim in the next year to be relatively slim-ish. As you can tell my goal is distinctively strict and extremely specific. However there are already sooooo many obstacles. The primary being food. I flippin love bread… ah bread, you carb filled savoury delight. How I can reminisce about stuffing my face with you before a meal at a restaurant and therefore be too full to eat much else. But then not caring at all because the warming avalanche through my gums satisfied me so. I also love pretty much all other food which is a problem.

Diabetes and Lifestyle

Weight loss has been shown to increase the control of blood glucose levels in those people with diabetes. On a side note, low fat and low sugar diets are thought to improve blood glucose levels as well as aiding weight loss. Many health services recommend weight loss through diet change and an increase in exercise. That’s easy right? Well it would be if fat and sugar weren’t the best freaking things to eat in the entire world! Oh excuse me would you like a low fat, low carb meal? No, I really wouldn’t, leave me now. Its pretty obvious now that nice tasting food is often bad, so maybe a helpful lesson is: if you like it don’t eat it; or if you hate it, eat as much as you can (not something I’d follow). Some healthcare services such as the National Health Service state that healthy eating and positive lifestyle changes such as exercising may allow control of blood glucose levels without the need for additional treatment. All that was probably old news to most people but whatevs. My hope is that I’ll be able to increase my blood glucose control without pumping more insulin into my body as I fear that I’ll get lumps (Lipohypertrophy or insulin hypotrophy) and things. However I’m more psyched about the prospect of being relatively trim whilst eating all the lovely fat and sugar filled foods I can (countered by exercise). Unlikely I know.

But anyway, watch out George Foreman and other economic versions of the healthy grill, my abs are attempting to compete, slightly later than anyone should care (in 2025).