My pump is a flashlight

Anyone else use their pump as a flashlight? When I get up in the middle of the night, I always press a button on the pump so it will light my way to the bathroom :) Sometimes I'm pretty grateful for it! I also always have the time on me, even when I don't wear a watch or my phone isn't handy! Who says it's a disadvantage to have diabetes? ;)

I do this all the time, it's sort of handy b/c it's duller than a flashlight and the low light is very useful for navigating in the dark.

Did that all the time with my Medtronic, now I have a Pod, and the PDM is not so easy to find in the dark...
really not a benefit of this tubeless system. it was really handy finding the toilet in the dark or crossing my room without turning on the lights. :)

Really like the feature especially if there is an alert the pump will light up. I go camping a lot so it works trying to do a bolus or bs check in a tent. I like the new Bayer meter too. It lights up in color and makes taking a reading in the dark easier.


Pumps are always a good clock too, i never wore a watch...

hahaha yes totally! My husband told me I looked like iron man the other day (my pump was on my bra)

Haha! Me too :)