My Pumping experience since November

After 19 years of being on MDI, I finally got my pump on November 21, 2008. i was able to get one since 2003, but with no insurance and me going off to college that was not possible. so it took about 4 years for me to get the pump. it took about six months to get the basal rates just right, then in may a week after finals i went to Disneyland in California. For the first time since i was Diagnosed at the age of 4, I had been able to fully experience the joys of riding the multiple roller coasters and rides without having a severe low. the lowest i went while i was there was 65. which for me was amazing. i remember standing in front of splash mountain correcting my low with some Gatorade and i began to cry because i knew once i drank it, i would be able to back and enjoy my time in the park. I truly thank those who had invented the pump, without it i would have been slumped over not comprehending much while my family ran around trying to find a place that had a bottle of Coke.

ok so what is with the prime numbers? seriously? it took me 29 years so you guys are “reckless” as far as I am concerned =)

hey if you see me i will die laughing because of this comment. thanks that made my day.