My 'Romantic Tendencies'

I’m not only about the ‘d’. Hope you aren’t either. There’s a great big world out there. Go. Live. Be. Have F U N!

and love…
so… a friend challenged me (always a bad move lol) to take a quiz to gage my ‘romantic tendencies’. So, never being one to back down from a challenge… I did. I have no clue what it means in the big picture of anything, and it really didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, but… Uh, about that… LOL. so have some fun laughing with me, or at me if you want, that’s always ok too, I do it all the time, but then… go take the quiz and post YOUR results. I DARE you HA HA

My results are below...

hopeless romantic
Hopeless Romantic

You're disgusting. Disgustingly romantic. Girls swoon over you if you're a guy and guys cannot tolerate you if you're a girl. You just cannot help it. Being romantic runs in your blood, clouds your mind and burns in your heart as you sought every opportunity to be romantic with your partner. Being in love is a magical experience and more so if its with you. You're best described as a Hopeless Romantic.

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