My story in a text box

Hey y’all. And yes, I consider the collective on this site a “y’all” not a “you guys”. However, I wouldn’t really acknowledge myself as a southern belle either. I grew up all over the US while my dad was in the air force; then, finally landed in tuscaloosa Al for college. I was diagnosed with type1 about 5 years ago. As far as genetics goes: grandparents suffer from type2… they’ve had a serious relationship with sweets for quite some time :), and I had a great uncle who’s type 2 spiraled into insulin dependency, despite the fact that he was very thin and managed his numbers like an ocd child on aderol. He literally ate the same thing everyday: eggs in the morning, chunky soup for lunch and dinner. It has been a mystery to me how this man even came down with type2. So in turn, it’s kind of a mystery as to how I got stuck with T1. But I have come to acceptance… not enthusiasm, but acceptance. I realize that there are far worse things to happen in this world, and more prayers are needed for cancer patients or burn victims. Anyways, I guess i’ll fill y’all in on my life and those connected to it… College junior studying telecommunications and film. I would love to work for travel channel someday and explore. My dog is the best bud a girl could ever wish for. And the same goes for my boyfriend who has a spirit of a two year old that keeps me excited about every day; he’s a psych major and will analyze everyone he meets (but not in a creepy fashion). His mother was actually my nutritionist when I was first diagnosed… small world. My parents and I have had a rocky relationship over the past few years but we always manage to say ‘I love you’ at the end of every phone call. I am the youngest of three girls; the oldest sarah has fire that can either light up your day or burn your butt. Kelly, the middle who’s getting married soon, is usually pretty bubbly and the mother hen. She’ll literally smell my breath to make sure i’ve eaten… okay it only happened once, but still, that clues you in on how much she…cares :slight_smile: As far as hobbies… i love reading, dance, yoga, hiking, and relaxing :slight_smile: Not one for a dramatic lifestyle. That’s the jist of my life as of today. Let me know about yourselves, share some diabetic stories or just vent about your day!

Hi Sam,

Welcome! Glad you’re here. Can’t figure out how I got stuck with T1 either. I’m the first in my family of either type. My mother comes up with new theories constantly of the cause. Always interesting to hear her latest, but it doesn’t change anything:)

You & your boyfriend are a beautiful couple.