My Story so Far


I believe that it was sometime in 1999 that I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. For awhile I tried to watch what I ate and take my meds. A change in employment and change in insurance coverage put an end to that. I quit trying to eat right and had no medication.

Flash forward to this year. I checked my blood sugar with my mom’s meter one night and my blood sugar was 500.I finally decided to try to get my diabetes under control. I was having some trouble with my feet. They burn and tingle and are hypersensitive. Because my blood sugar had gone unchecked and uncontrolled for so long I had developed neuropathy in my feet. I was drinking at least three 32 ounce cups of water a day because I was thirsty all the time

My doctor put me on 500 mgs of metformin then increased it to 1000 mgs a day. Then actos was added to the mix. My blood sugars slowly begin to come down, but my time was running out. I work for Jostens and that work is seasonal,so I would soon be without medical insurance again. Luckily a friend told me about PPA which helps people without insurance get discounted meds.

Then there was even more good luck coming my way. My dedicated doctor suggested I might be a good candidate for a study one of his colleagues was involved in. It was a inhaled insulin vs injectable insulin study. I was accepted into the clinical study. I had to pass two lung capacity function tests which was no problem.

Today I went in to find out which form of insulin I would be given first, as it was a random assignment done by computer.I was assigned the powdered form. I will be taking it along with my regular meds. I have never taken any kind of insulin before so this is a new thing for me. The powdered insulin is in a capsule like contac used to be in. I put the capsule in the little pen-type device. The capsules come in units of six and two. For the first three days I take six units of insulin 10-15 minutes before each meal. Then we start adjusting doses to see what I need to do to get my sugar below 100 fasting.

My first dose today didn’t do a whole lot my sugars actually went up into the 280s. My lunch time does did well. My blood sugar went down to 116 which is somewhere it has not been for a LOOONNGG time.

Sorry this was so long but it was a place to get started. My other updates probably won’t be so drawn out unless there is something major to report.