My story so far

I'm 39 years old and weigh in at 215 lbs, and I have a fairly physical job, and live in PA.

I’ve been type 2 diabetic for about 6 years now and untill recently I’ve only needed oral meds to control it, and that a fairly light dose. For many years I didn’t really worry about it, I took my meds, ate a bit healthier than I had when I was younger and drank a lot less soda and ate less sweets. Then the last year or so I started getting a bit worse and my doctor has increased my meds to their current point.

My last A1C readings went from a 6.5 to a 8.9 in 3 months. I had a kidney function test and it came back that my kidneys were starting to be affected by my blood sugars being high, and I’ve developed a pain in my right thigh that I think is diabetic nerophothy.

I am now starting to deal with some major lifestyle changes.

3 weeks ago, (when I last saw my doctor) I started a diet. my main goal is to keep my blood sugars down, and maybe lose a little weight. I’ve almost given up soda’s totally, (well 99%) drink a lot of water, and my diet consistes of using “healthy portion control”, and using the GI index to help me choose foods to eat.

I’m eating a lot more fresh food, I’ve lost about 12 pounds and my average blood sugar right now is 105… but I tell you its hard… so I started surfing…

thats all for now


Welcome Delby:)
I’m a type 2 also. I’m just starting my journey at 48; though I’ve know "on my own that I was diabetic for a few years."
Just went to see a doc a couple of weeks ago:)
Would you like to come join us over at the Weight Loss Team? We generally check in and encourage each other in many different styles of diet. Support from a group that is in the know about our daily trials and triumphs of losing that ounce or inch. We’d love to see you!

Hi Delby
Welcome to TuDiabetes! Just want to say how great it is that you’re motivated to look after your diabetes. I’m really impressed at the effort you’re putting in! I know it’s hard work - we all understand that, so it’s great to have you here where you can find support, hints & tips, and just be surrounded by a bundle of people who understand.