My Story:

Daughter dxd October 04 (at age 5). Normal story, sleeping, going to the bathroom, drinking like a fish. The pediatrician thought it was a UT infection. I asked for a urine test – with no clue of D - and off we went to the ER. The doctor said, “who would have thought?” I was like, “A doctor? A Pediatrician? I don’t know….. not a Wall St. guy.” Anyway, I threw myself into it. Our first doctor had us on NPH and wanted us to go on Lantus for 6 weeks before pumping…… got a new doc and was pumping in a few weeks. Cried hysterically for a few months. Got Dexcom. Looking at the Minimed suite as they seem to be taking the lead (again). NYC; Long Beach, LI; Vernon, NJ. Music, Food, Snowboard and Surf. Married in 97, another girl and a boy – born in ’02 and ‘04. Cryptic?