My surprise birtday Tattoo!

So the hubby said he was going to take a half day to take me to lunch for my birthday and then go into work late. Nothing fancy but good. After we’re done he starts hmming and hawing about how we should get going soon so he can go to work. On our way out he says hey, lets walk down to Lady Luck (tattoo parlor we go to) and just see how much it would cost to get my Foo Dog done. So we go in and my artist comes out with my design and starts sizing it to my arm and gives us an estimate and so I think alright that was that when suddenly hubby hands me an appointment card that he made a couple weeks ago while I was out with my mom!! It too quite a while, 2:40 - 5:50, it was painful but I did not flinch, it was well worth the pain!! I’'ll post some pics from my phone which don’t do it any justice but you’ll get to see it.

The beginning stage

These are pics off my phone which don't do it any justice

faint I LOVE IT

nice piece :slight_smile:

Thanks! I love it to!! :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a great way to spend my birthday since I’ve been wanting it so bad, hehe.

soooo jealous!!! I love this version of a shisa dog!

Hehe. As soon as I saw the image I knew I wanted it too, I’ve been wanting to get a Foo Dog for years but I could never find anything I liked. I can’t stop staring it, I just love it and the colors I picked worked out really well. He’s my protector… my artist said I should name him Spot, haha.