My Tallygear Belt!

I got the Tallygear Belt I ordered and I love it! It is so much prettier and softer feeling than the Waist-It that the Animas person showed me! Mine is pink with black peace symbols…ok I’m an old hippie…lol. It comes in a range of waist (small is 24-32, than there is medium and large ranges) so you can keep it loose if you want. It has three velcroed pockets, and the pump fits in nicely, though I am a bit concerned to put the tubing against the velcro. I’m wearing mine around the house now and plan to wear it to bed. Unless there is something unforeseen I don’t like I’m going to order another one as I think I’ll wear it a lot. (I got a 25% off next purchase coupon when I ordered the first one). It was $19.95 which I guess is the same as the Waist It price. The website is

I am so glad you mentioned the tally gear…I remembered someone talked about it and couldn’t remember what the site was. When someone mentioned the spelit (?) belt I was like no that wasn’t what I was looking for. The reason why I want the tallygear is I’m going to be a CNA soon and need something to wear under my scrub top without using up all the pockets that can be used for gloves, a pen, etc. Plus I can wear it low enough where I can life up the scrub top a bit to take out the CGM if needed or to do whatever I need to do with my pump (once I get it).

The spibelt web site was worth looking at too, but I really like this one. I would look at both. I don’t know how functional the tallygear I got would be for a lot of in and out use when you’re on the run. The pockets and the velcro are fairly tight. But the pictures show people wearing them a bit lower and then having the pump sticking up. Just make sure you get it large enough if you wanted to wear it more on your hip than waist.

I looked at the spibelt and it looks so sterile…Kinda like the scrubs lol (except for the print patterned ones). I need something like the tallygear anyways. It would be better for me. I would wear it around my hip but just a bit above it too. Plus the tally gear would be better for me who is on the go a lot.

Hi Zoe - me too (an old hippie that is).

Hey, I love my spibelt - I like that it is small and lightweight but mostly I like that it is totally not binding, plus it is discrete enough that I can wear it under my clothes if I choose. I don’t find it sterile at all.

I’m glad you are pleased with the Tallygear. Good to know. Although I don’t think of the spibelt as sterile looking either. Maybe because mines purple. I like the low profile of the spibelt personally lays very flat against the body. No other waistpouch I’ve tried comes even close. I’ve never tried Tallygear though will keep that in mind next time I order.

Just a follow-up reaction on my tallybelt. If you are towards the top of the range of waist sizes you might want to go up to the next size. It seems meant to fit around the hips not the waist. I can pull it down over my hips during the day, but it is a tight fit and at night it rides up and then it is too loose and moves around putting the pump in different positions. I actually got up during the night and took it off because it was bugging me.

I’m going to also order a spibelt, as though they don’t look as soft as the tallygear and the designs aren’t as pretty, they are much narrower and more adjustable for size. I’m having fun accessorizing my pump! (Good destressor too!)

More “product reviews”. I got my spibelt and I actually much prefer it, even though from the websites I thought I’d like the tallygear more. They are very different and I think serve different purposes. The tallygear is very soft and also comes in a cool variety of styles. It has 3 separate roomy pockets so you could keep a lot of stuff in it. But it is much, much wider than the spibelt. As I explained above, if you are on the outer edge of the range of waist sizes they carry, do get the next size up as it sits best on the hip. If it’s around the waist the top bulks out and pushes against your ribs. Also the velcro is annoying and if it isn’t lined up exactly will rub against your skin.

The spibelt is small and compact. When I first got it I thought I ordered the wrong “model” as the pocket didn’t look large enough for my pump, but it is stretchy. It is very thin and has an adjustable strap so you can set it just right for comfort and stability. But the one pocket is just large enough for your pump, nothing extra.

I’m glad you like it, Zoe - love mine - and, you can order them with 2 pockets for extra stuff - I like that for when I go walking and want my keys, etc.