My Teen & Update! June 2008

Sara was able to go to France and is there now. How???

  1. She knew if her A1C didn’t drop, she couldn’t go. In two weeks she had a little improvement (I know it is just a beginning). She went from a 13.4 to 11.8. It was going in the right direction so she was able to go.

  2. She will have another A1C in August.

We have emailed and had written chat exchanges while she is there and all is well. (She reports!) She is having a great time with her host family and has seen friends that stayed here in the U.S. with us. I hope this is a valuable experience on many levels: to broaden views about the world, to build self-confidence (with language and diabetic care) and especially to instill the importance of good self-care. Without it, future travels and experiences will be limited if at all.