My thoughts on the orientation DVD that came with the box

I finally had the chance to watch the DVD that came with the box. I was told to watch it before I come on Tuesday. I am glad I did but feel like parts of it was useless. so here are my thoughts!

  1. It was good to show you how to set up your pump for basic stuff and other stuff however, most of the stuff I couldn’t do as I have no insulin or saline to practice on. I am a hands on type of learner. I dont do well in watching a video or taking notes, etc.
  2. they showed a part of how to insert the inset and inset 30! Which is what I needed :). That part was helpful
  3. I had a heck of a time getting the meter and pump to pair but after 20 mins of trying to do it after watching that part, the units are now paired.

on a side note, my rep told me that customer service hasn’t put in his request for the software to get sent. So I have to have my boyfriend call for me on Monday to order it for me sigh. He works tomorrow and Friday so we cant do it until Monday. Quite frustrating as they never responded to my email. Not a good sign.

Don’t feel bad. I know two BSN nurses who thought the DVD was intimidating.

it wasn’t intimidating but parts was useless as I couldn’t follow along with that particular feature. I like to follow along so I know how to use that feature.

on a side note, I have a new email set up to customer service in getting the DVD that I’ll send out in the morning. If no response by the time my boyfriend shows up as he has to take me to my overnight shift, I’ll have him call for me.

What I did was I put in a cartridge in the pump and made the pump think that there was insulin in the cartridge. I also hooked it up to an infusion set so that I could play with the pump. There will be a lot of things that you will not be able to do without making the pump think that there is insulin in the pump.

I’m also a hands on learner, Amy, and also do better with step by step word directions than visual ones, which is why I didn’t bother watching the video.

I was told to watch the video before tuesday. At least I learned how to pair the units up! But other than that, I didn’t get much out of it. I’ll email the trainer about it.

I only have one inset infusion set, one inset 30, and one cleo. So I need to bring them with me on Tuesday as I do not have any other samples other than those three. I also only have three cartridges and dont want to waste those if I dont need to.

I think the DVD is really meant to get you “primed” on how to navigate the pump and to settle nerves about inserting the infusion set. Since pumping is often times new to folks it can be quite overwhelming to get trained without ever messing around and seeing how it works. You should get all your questions answered and have plenty of time to mess around in the pump at your training and since you watched the video you will be more confident! I wish you luck in your training.

For me, pre-training, I read the online workbook and Using Insulin by John Walsh. Then when I got my box, I started wading through the 215 page manual but realized most of that is a hands on directions that works best when you actually have the pump in hand and I have returned to it again and again as I learn new settings and revise others

Your educator should have supplies provided to them by the pump companies. Mine handed me a few extra supplies just so that I could play with them. My doctor had me not start till she could put me in the hospital overnight to make sure there were not problems. Good luck on Tuesday.

I am having to wait till Valentines Day to start my new pump.

Thanks…I emailed my CDE to see if the office has samples…I am getting my reservoir order sent finally…I am hoping to return to Joslin for saline to insulin on valentines day…nothing says I love you ping like getting started on insulin :slight_smile:

I wish I was as excited as you are about starting to use my Ping. I just want to be able to start on my Ping. It is pre-programed and everything is ready. I just have to wait to start using it till I get the official OK to start using it. It will take me longer to drive to and from the doctors office than to get the pump “training” done.

awww you should be excited! I’m not excited however of still using the pens until the insulin start date which I am hoping it will be on valentines day. I dont drive so I have to take public transportation to get to appts, etc or have my boyfriend take me if I can get him to take me. I just wish Tuesday was here already…I’m too excited to really contain myself.