My Transformation Challenge

So I've recently started to eat (much) healthier & exercise more often, which has greatly improved my blood sugars to say the least. But it's hard to stay motivated when you're surrounded by friends & loved ones without diabetes who are sometimes stumped why I don't eat out with them or share the yummy appetizers for happy hour. Yes, I enjoy my social life & some changes are harder than others...

On my journey to look for even healthier options, such as vitamins, supplements & the like, I happened to stumble across this challenge. It's daunting when you look at some of the winners & wonder how they managed to transform their bodies in such a short time & become frustrated as my mind keeps telling me, "I'm sure they don't have to deal with diabetes." But I decided to take the challenge on anyways. My main goal is to simply improve control of my Diabetes & finally reach an A1C below 7 & if I happen to return to my high school weight of 135, I wouldn't mind that either!

This challenge just reminded me of how diabetes has affected my belief & confidence in myself, as I feel I'm disadvantaged due to my T1D. Any other person taking on such a challenge just has to worry about eating right & making it to the gym once a day. With T1D you have to worry about lows and late onset lows in the middle of the night, eating hundreds of extra calories to either prevent a low or correct one (or multiple). Lowering your basal rates~ but not too much or ending up too high, fixing carb ratios, & finding the correct temporary rates for each type of exercise. As everyone here knows, this list goes on & on. These are the types of things that rambled in my mind before finally taking on this challenge.

To be honest, I doubt I'll be anywhere near the top 10, or even the top 20. I don't want to get super ripped or have an extremely low % of body fat. I just want to be healthier & this gives me my motivation. So I'll be tracking my progress, both my diabetes & fitness... here's to hoping I can provide you with results in the next 12 weeks!

I’m a skinny armed runner trigeek w/ no muscle definition anywhere but training is one of the best things I think I’ve done to combat diabetes. first it helps control sugars and your weights and more importantly to me anyways is what it does mentally it’s a great feeling to push yourself farther than what you thought was possible. I also love the feeling that I can control my rebelling/failing body. Oh yeah and the endorphins are awesome! good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

i believe there is a T1 lifting group as well as an athletic diabetic group here at Tu might want to check them out