My trip to Winterlude in Ottawa with my little diesel Smart

Well, I’ve had an interesting weekend. Managed to hobble into Ottawa for Winterlude on Saturday - with our diesel Smart deciding to start acting goofy when we were about 50 kms away from our destination (surprise romantic hotel treat from my hubby for Valentines). I’ve made a video of how the engine sounded - so once I figure out how to post it - I’ll link it up here). It was sounding like a badly tuned tractor engine - which basically is what is in the Smart - but something wasn’t right in the way it sounded and shuddered - so we went on the side of the highway in 3rd gear until we could get off safely. Sadly with the diesel Smart you have to take it to uber expensive Mercedes dealership (this has been the only downfall with this little car - as my hubby does mechanics on everything else - you have to be teeny tiny to work on this little engine). We crawled into Ottawa on the TransCanada at 80 km. I felt like I was an old grey haired lady - going at that speed (we usually drive at 120 km).

What was even stranger - two OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) vehicles - with their engines running in a closed down gas station where we pulled over - never - EVER came over the see if we were alright. You’d think they’d have wondered why this woman was walking around making a video of the whole thing - with puffs of black smoke coming from the exhaust. So much for friendly police officers!

Sadly, we had to leave our little Smart in Ottawa and bused it downtown to start relaxing though it was abit difficult to relax when you wonder how much … cha ching … is going to be hitting you when the bill arrives. We’re hoping that it’s the Mercedes dealership (headquarters of Canada) in Montreal that is at fault for this problem since we only took it into the shop a few weeks ago for it’s regular tune up plus a part was changed (which was abit of a shocker at $600 + labour) - so maybe the mechanic didn’t hook something up properly is what we are hoping for - otherwise - owning this little car could start to be more expensive. Main thing, this is the first major problem with the Smart - and just glad that this problem occurred here in Canada - since if we had befallen this problem in the United States - we’d be up the creek. The USA does not service diesel Smarts - only the gas powered ones - due to diesel Smarts never being introduced in the USA (why do North Americans dislike diesel so much - cleaner for the environment - way better for fuel consumption???).

What was really interesting on our way to pick up the rental car at the Ottawa Airport on Sunday (did you know it’s cheaper to rent from the airport - if you didn’t know - now you do - saved us almost 50%) and we took public transport (Ottawa has the best bus service!!!) - I saw someone wearing an Animas insulin pump!!! …

to read more about my trip to Ottawa - click on this link ( )…

Ahhh! That was you making all that noise outside our window. We were wondering. :smiley:
Sorry to hear that you had trouble with your Smart. I hate vehicle trouble on a trip.

Glad you made it down for Winterlude. Great Fun! I haven’t added my photos yet. I Love the Ice Sculptures. What talent! :slight_smile:

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