My try of Afrezza

Has anyone been successful in getting insurance to cover Afrezza for a teen?

I believe @Jane10 has 16 yo son on it

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I had my yearly donut last night.

What kind?

Chocolate covered. It wasn’t a crispy cream. Those are dangerous.

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I had my yearly Elephant Ear a few weeks ago.

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What’s an Elephant ear? Is it like a Bear claw?

No, nothing like a bear claw. They probably call them by a different name where you are. It’s a very thin deep fried pastry about the size of a dinner plate, liberally dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

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Did it at least have sprinkles?

Yeah. I feel bad enough.

No, sprinkles are good! If you’re going to splurge, at least make it bolus-worthy. Sounds like you did! :grinning:

I thought Elephant Ears were mushrooms.

Eating them once a year is probably too often, they are poisonous.


Well, if you’re using that one as your example, I can see why you would look askance. It’s too thick, badly shaped, and there is no cinnamon or sugar.


But you have to admit, it looks a little like an edible elephant’s ear. Maybe one made by the person who’s still being trained?


Hey @Allen3, how’s it going today? Are you making any headway with the Afrezza?

Hi Marie,

I think I’m getting the hang of it but haven’t documented my numbers since I was going to wait until I get my Cgm. I think I need larger doses too, the 4’s just aren’t strong enough for me for most things is eat.

And I am trying to stick with the Afrezza instead if switching back and forth unless I need a large correction. That way I can get a real world feel for what it would be like to use this for most of my meals.

The main things I’m trying to determine are:

  1. Can it do at least as good as Novolog in controlling meals for me?
  2. Even if it does as good what would be the reason to use it over Novolog? What are the advantages and are they worth it for me. I already don’t really count carbs, ive gotten pretty good at estimating. It’s more of a pain to use than taking a shot for me.
  3. Is it worth the extra cost?

I think you may find that 8s seem to be more than twice as potent as 2 4’s. I’ve often wondered if it seems that way anyway.

I don’t think you’ll find many adult men getting by with just 4s unless they’re doing the ultra low carb thing.

If you’re like me, I think you’ll find that the spontaneity it allows in life makes all the difference. For me, even if I’m a spot-on estimator with novolog (I think most of us are skilled estimators more than precise counters) I still have to prebolus by a long period of time to have a fighting chance at decent control… And to prebolus you have to have a good estimate how many carbs you’re going to eat way in advance. That combination creates a pretty major burden to me if I’m actually living life to the fullest with injected bolus

– that’s the real payoff for me that makes it worth it to me


That’s a good point Sam, the problem is I haven’t done prebolusing with Novolog so right now it feels like there’s no advantage. BUT that’s why my A1C is so high and if I go back to Novolog I am going to follow the proper routine so I can bring it down.

I really wish I had some 8’s and 12’s then it would feel way more convenient than doing two or three 4’s.

I think one of big advantages I’m starting to see is the mostly absence of lows after a meal. If I take enough Novolog to control my spikes then I end up low later. Mind you I don’t prebolus so that could probably eliminate lows if I did that and take less Novolog.

Minimizing lows is a huge advantage I think gets underplayed. I think of all my kids at camp and how good this would be for them. I hope the new faster acting injectable ends up working like the Afrezza then that would be a great addition to everyone’s weapons arsenal, especially kids.

I’m very excited for the future and what’s ahead. I just need to learn how to use the tools the proper way.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback on this site. I have been on this site since like 2009 or earlier before it switched over, I even have a welcome email from Seagator. :slight_smile:

Another bit of trivia I totally forgot about… I actually did one of the original studies for Afrezza like 15 years ago. It just hit me the other day when I had my lung test. I’m going to lookup my paperwork for fun.

Happy Labor to all.