My ttc+diabetes and my diabetic and pregnant journey update

yah i know wat u mean!

32 wks today! i cant believe less than 8 wks to go! crazy. lost 1.2 lb … had the first baby shower got some good stuff i needed! I have an ultrasound on monday the 14th

34 wks pregnant today! cant believe it , im sooo close, less than 5 wks to go! started my first non stress test on monday the 21st, i will be having these 2xs a week on mondays and thursdays. they will monitor babys heartbeat for 20 minutes and to see if there is any contractions also on mondays they will do an ultrasound to measure the fluid.

Hi! Wow, you are so close!

Do you have a scheduled induction or c-section? Just curious how you know how many weeks are left :slight_smile:

We are doing well and growing quickly! I’m 26 weeks this week.

Kristin- are you being induced? My gyno suggested I be induced because as Type 1, the placenta typically cant carry the baby anymore during the last 2-3 weeks and the baby doesnt get fed. I was so scared of having a stillbirth, that I asked if we could be induced- as long as the baby’s lungs are developed. She said 37 weeks is when she wants to get me going. That puts me coming soon!

If the ultrasound measures her at 21 1/2 weeks, when is my delivery date? I get so confused on that. If I’m delivering at 37 weeks… doesn’t that mean it’s going to be in June if I’m already at 21 weeks now? I counted out the weeks and 37 falls on June 19. But, they are saying it will be more like July 20. But if I’m right and they wait til July 20, she will be 41 weeks. I’m so afraid to go full term.

I have heard other doctors that also induce or schedule a c-section if the lungs are developed. I thought it was usually 38 weeks – 37 sounds early.

My high risk OB-GYN is quite rare in that she doesn’t induce unless the baby shows signs of stress or trouble. If the baby is not showing any need to exit the womb, then she will let me carry full term. But she will monitor me very closely from 36 weeks on. It is likely that I will even be hospitalized then, but she will leave me be until I or the baby show any sign of trouble, even until 41-42 weeks. I doubt that private insurances would pay for that long hospitalization in the USA, but that is the policy here in Hungary. It is my personal preference not to induce unless there is a reason, but it sounds like the path that you are on is pretty normal for type 1s.

I just counted on my calendar and if you are 21 weeks this week, then July 20 would be in your 38th week, which would be when many type 1s get induced. So I think that they are timing it right. You will be going for a lot of non-stress tests and ultrasounds later in the pregnancy, when they can monitor how the baby is doing. I’m not afraid to go full term, as long as we are checking in on the baby and all is OK.

In my birthing class, we learned that on average first time mothers who are not induced, naturally go into labor at 40 weeks + 5 days. My mother naturally went into labor at 42 weeks. So I think that I have a chance of carrying past 40 weeks as well, but we’ll see!

Just another thing – I’m 26 weeks this week and for me 40 weeks would be June 29th. So it must be July not June.

Thanks so much for your reply. I get so confused on the dates.

I would prefer not to be induced, but I’m so afraid of hurting her. I guess another path would be to listen to the way she’s moving at 37 weeks. If she’s still active, i suppose I could take it one day at a time.

They want me to come in for stress tests done twice a week during the third trimester. I’m excited to see her a few times a week during that time and am just hoping that everything stays perfect.

We would definitely not be able to stay in hospital for that length of time. I was in the hospital for only 7 hours a few weeks ago, and insurance only covered 80% of it. I owe the hospital over $900 AFTER the co-payment. And the sad thing is I already have the top insurance offered. And the co-pay is STILL that high. For only half a day! I can’t imagine what the co-pay would be for an entire month! Maybe we should move to Hungary? haha.

No scheduled induction yet and no c section, the baby is measuring perfect so they said thats out of the equation for right now, but he said he wouldnt let me go past 39 wks, to reduce complications.
Congrats on 26 wks!!! I cant wait to seee ur baby! and mine! :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m not completely opposed to induction. If they tell me that our baby is not thriving, then I would not have a problem with induction. I just don’t want to be induced because I have diabetes. (But really who knows what I will actually want at 38 weeks!)

There are good things and bad things about the system here :slight_smile: Health coverage is universal and the care that I need is affordable, but the hospitals are in much worse condition than in the USA and far understaffed. Plus there is a system of bribing doctors that is alive and well here that I’m really not sure how to handle. So I take the good with the bad!

It’s good that you will have so many chances to check in on your little girl!

I am so happy to read everyone’s comments!!

Kristin - My DD is July 3rd - we’re really close! I have had a few people tell me (I work with labor and delivery nurses) that any doctors will want to induce early in diabetics for a few reasons (macrosomia, placental degradation etc). I’m with you guys - I would much rather go naturally, but will have to see how things go. But - seriously - bribing??? I could not imagine.

WIshing you all healthy pregnancies!!

Hoorah!! Nice to have someone so close :slight_smile:

I’m keeping the same attitude that I will wait and see how we are doing closer to the date.

Hungarians call it “gratitude money” and give it to the doctors under the table. The rates are pretty much known and it is because doctors are not paid enough here (which is true), but birth can become really expensive.

Im 35 wks pregnant today!!! crazy 2 wks away from what they consider full term!!! Had the group b strep test done this week! baby is measuring perfectly!! He is soooo active!

How strict are you on your diet? Do you limit your carb intake?

are u asking me or kristin? i follow a basic meal plan that sweet success gave me(2000 calories) But i eat less than this,. this is too much food for me

for breakfast (15-30 carbs total) 1 protein , 1 starch 1 fat
ex: 1 scrambled egg, 1 slice of whole wheat toast or corn tortilla , 1 tsp margarine, tea or decaf coffee

mid morning snack( 45 carbs) 1 starch, 1 milk, 1 fruit, 1 fat
ex: 1/2 cup oatmeal , 8 oz low fat milk, 1/2 banana, 4 walnuts in the oatmeal

lunch(45 cabs) 3 oz meat, fish or chicken, 2 starches, 1 cup veggies, 1 fruit, 2 fats
ex: grilled chicken breast, 1 small baked potato, 1 slice whole wheat bread, 1 cup brocolli, 1 fresh peach, 2 tsp margarine

mid afternoon snack(15 carbs) 1 starch , 1 protein
ex: 5 to 6 crackers, 1 tbsp peanut butter

Dinner(60 carbs) 3 oz lean meat, chicken or fish, 2 starch, 1 cup veggies, 2 fat, 1 milk, 1 fruit
ex: 3 oz fish, 1 cup pasta or 2 slices of wheat bread, spinach salad, 2 tbsp low fat salad dressing, 1 cup low fat milk, 1.2 cup non sweetened applesauce

bedtime snack( 30 carbs) 1 protein, 1 starch, 1 milk
ex: 1 oz cheese, small tortilla or 6 crackers, or slice of wheat bread, 8 oz low fat milk

tips: eat 3 small meals and 3 small snacks( eat about every 2 hrs)
eat a small breakfast no more than 1 bread/starch and a protein
no fruit or milk or ready to eat cereals for breakfast
dont drink fruit juices
avoid combining milk and fruit alone at snacks it can lead to hyperglycemia
eliminate all simple sugars
have no more than 8-10 hrs between bed time snack and breakfast
no more than three 8 oz glasses of milk a day
choose high fiber foods, whole grains, fresh or frozen veggies, beans, fresh fruit
eat low fat foods, lean proteins, low fat or skim milk and dairy

Yes I was asking you, thanks for such a detailed meal plan I have been TTC and am currently low carb but know I must increase carbs for pregnancy so this helps a LOT in giving me an idea of what I should be eating! Question…I see you are on shots as well, how far apart are your meals and snacks? About what time do you eat? Do you wait 4 hours since last bolus/meal or what?

o that meal plan was for when ur pregnant I had a different one when i was trying to conceive here it is:

breakfast(30-45 carbs) ,

morning snack(15carbs)

lunch (40-50 carbs)

afternoon snack(15 carbs)

dinner (40 -50carbs)

evening snack(15 carbs)

example breakfast:

1 fresh fruit choice, omelet (1.2 cup egg subsitute) 1 oz lean protein, mushrooms, green peppers, tomato, onion, 1 slice whole grain toast, 1 tsp margarine, coffee or tea

morning snack: 1 fresh fruit or 8 oz yogurt

lunch: garden salad with 3 oz sliced lean protein 2 tbsp dressing 2 whole grain choices, 1 tsp margarine , water or iced tea or diet soda

afternoon snack:high fiber snack bar, or 1 cup raw veggies,or small smoothie

dinner: 3 oz lean protein, 2 whole grain choices, 1/2 cup brocolli , garden salad with 2 tbs dressing, water(or iced tea or diet soda)

evening snack: 1 fresh fruit, or 1 small quesadilla, or 6 crackers with 2 tbs peanut butter,

yes im on shots, they want me eating about every 2 hrs,i get off work at eleven at night, dont get to sleep around 12 wake up at 7 to make my husband breakfast and lunch for work, then go back to sleep and wake up at about 9 , so i eat breakfast around 930, then eat a snack around 1145, at 1 i eat lunch, before work around 230 i eat a snack, then i eat dinner around 5 while im at work, then around 8 i eat a piece of fruit when i get home from work i ate something small like half a banana or something to eat with my night time insulin

36 wks today! so less than 3 wks to go! and one week away from 37 wks which is what they consider full term, non stress tests are going well! He is such an active baby! Im having more braxton hicks( cramping), I also had my second baby shower got lots of clothes! :slight_smile: I cant believe its getting sooo much closer till i get to meet my little boy!

Congrats! I’m so excited to be able to say “36 weeks” I’m at 23 and feel anxious to meet her! It seems so far away! When did the non-stress tests start for you? My gyno was saying mid-third trimester will begin twice weekly non-stress tests. I’m nervous about those… but anxious at the same time because then I get to see her two times a week!

Seriously, having diabetes and being pregnant is like a full time job… on TOP of my full time job. Getting tired here. :slight_smile:

i started @ 33 wks , dont be nervous i really like going , i just lay there and get to hear the babies heartbeat for at least 20 minutes its like music to my ears, i go every mon and thurs and also get an ultrasound every monday to measure the fluid but its nice to get to see him!
i have a small video of it here:
or you can see some pics on my fb here:

you just lay there and they put fabric straps around you and on each strap is a little round monitor, one monitor monitors the babies heartbeat and one checks to see if you are having any contractions, it doesnt hurt at all! You will honestly look forward to them each week!
yes i agree its a 24/7 job but its all worth it in the end. i cant wait to meet my little boy!