My Vitamin D levels

Hi Maria,

I also recently found out I have a low Vitamin D level as well. I just started taking my prescription Vit D this week. I had never heard of this correlation until my new Endo told me. When I see so many others on here with the same problem, wow! Obviously there is some sort of correlation. I’m with you about the trip…Aruba? Caymans? The warmer, the better. Do you think that our insurance would cover it as a medical necessity?! Ha, ha.

Oops, forgot to mention in my previous reply that the best form of D3 is thought to be gelcaps.

Pharm companies are now going to make another fortune on us from Rx D3 when all we need to take is the OTC supplements. There’s no difference in prescription & OTC D3.


Just about everyone with diabetes has low Vitamin D levels.

However, it is not clear whether raising them will reverse the problems associated with low vitamin D. It is not clear whether the low vitamin level is the cause or the result of the metabolic problems it is associated with.

A study where vitamin D levels were raised to normal, for example, found that insulin resistance associated with low levels did not change.

There does seem to be some evidence it may help with heart disease, mostly because it is used in the metabolism of calcium and heart disease involves the deposit of calcium places you don’t want it–the arteries.

I supplement it, and there is no reason not to, but it is the current fad “cure for everything” vitamin, and almost always these intital enthusiasms about vitamins get reversed when better quality research with large groups of people is done.

I have not found one prescription vitamin D that wasn’t D2 . I prefer sublingual vitamin D3. However no matter what form you take it in you should have some fat with it for best results.

Even worse than I thought. The prescription form, in addition to being ridiculously overpriced, is not even D3–geesh–even more of a scam.

Where do you get sublingual Vit D3?

Here in N.E.Ohio,if we have a clear sky . We wonder what that yellow ball in the sky is…

Here’s a simple tests to tell if you are getting enough sunlight. First,can you expose enough skin in direct sunlight. Sunlight comming through the window doesn’t count.

Second , When you are standing in the sunshine,what is the length of your shadow. If your shadow isshorter than you ,you’re getting enough UVB rays .If your shadow is longer than you then the angle of the sun is to great and you will not get enough UVB rays.

I use a lot of almond oil for moisturizing for me. It seems to soak right in to me. But the ones you have lisrted are excellent too.

I get mine from a local health store but you can also find it on line. Liquid drops are also can easily be used .Both are more bioavailable.

Thanks. Didn’t know this was easy to find. Glad it is.

Knowelge is freedom!


Does anyone wonder how many women have been put on Actonel or other bisphosphonate drugs for osteopenia or osteoporsis without ever having their Vitamin D levels checked?
These drugs can cause osteonecrosis and other side effects that could often been avoided by treating the low level of vitaminD!

Most cells and tissue in the body have receptors for vitamin D . Actually , vitamin D is a Pro hormone that goes directly to genes. It is responsable for turning on or off, 2000 human genes. 1,25(OH)2D3 is the active hormonal form that docks at the receptors.

Dear Maria.

Same here, I had my Vitamin D tested last May and this only by specifically asking the Endo. It was low. My friend Dr. Cox said his GP told him to take a supplement of 1400 IU per day. Since this is not a water soluble vitamin I asked him if it is not too much, he said no. The B vitamins and even C if you are on a low fruit diet maybe a good idea.

Dear Joe. Not a bad idea since it is fat soluble. I will take 1200 IU of D3 with a 1/2 teaspoon of Canola.

Dear Joe and Maria. Even worst up here at 50 N. Not sure about tanning salons as I am a very pale skinned gringo. In Mexico and here in summer I need to wear gloves to avoid burning the top of my hands. How about if it still exist cod liver oil ? It is vitamin D dissolved in fat. Used to be a daily staple in Canada for kids in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Try googling John Cannell .

Anthony, if you are going to use a taning bed make sure it has UVB ;the 1:10 ratio give you better result with less time on the bed . Avoid electomagnetic tanning bed (You’ll know them by the humming sound) . I like the UVB lamp.

I remember growing up in the “50’s” and “60’s” and getting a big spoon of of cod liver oil before going to school ,every morning. Also it is possible to rub cod liver oil on the skin and vitamin D is absobed through the skin.

By take cod liver oil you’ll get your vitamin A as well . 10,000IU to 25,000 IU of vitamin A is fine with 2000IU of vitaminD .

Vit A can nullify the good effects of Vit D, so taking them together in cod liver oil isn’t helpful.

If you’re over 40, doesn’t matter how much sun or tanning bed time you soak up, it won’t increase your Vit D levels. At around 40 we lose the receptors to turn the rays into Vit D.