My wallet's Houdini act at the endo's/Traumatized on the Megabus

I took the Megabus home from Pittsburgh this past weekend because my best friend since the 4th grade was getting married to her high school sweetheart, also a good friend of mine. Of course I would be there even if I had to sit on a bus for 4 hours. The bus ride to Harrisburg was rather uneventful. I got a window seat by myself which I was super excited about, spread out and napped the entire way.

The day before the wedding, just a few short hours after I stepped off the bus, I had an appointment with my endo. No surprises or anything, she said that my sugars looked good but I told her that I probably missed a few highs because I’ve been under a ridiculous amount of stress/stress eating the last month and a half or so due to finals, long hours in the research lab, and general personal drama. I expect my a1c to be a little higher than I like this time, but I know what kind of self-discipline it takes to bring it down so I plan to do better for my next appointment. No sense in stressing about what’s already done, right? I know that I’ll be able to bring it down because I’m starting to cut out the sugary, fatty foods that fit into my budget and taking a bigger hit in the wallet in order to buy some healthier stuff at the store and I’m also starting my pump training next Thursday! I’m beyond excited for that. I know it will help me do so much better with controlling my sugars, even if I eat a little more than I’m supposed to.

I got stuck twice with the blood draw needle by two different lab techs because for some reason, the first vein stopped producing blood half way through a vial so they had to get it from the other arm. I don’t know why, but no matter how much I drink beforehand (or eat if it’s not a fasting test), I always get nauseous and light-headed when they draw more than a vial or two of blood from me. The lab tech must have been new or just skiddish because she acted like I was dying when I asked her for some water, white as a ghost, and said I was woozy. After I assured the first lab tech that I wasn’t going to pass out, I just needed some water and to sit for a minute to regain my bearings, she called the other more senior tech working over to draw out of my other arm, because she’d “feel bad having to stick me again”.

Speaking of my wallet, at the endo’s office, it did a little disappearing act. I got it out to pay the co-pay at the front desk, and remember distinctly putting it back into my bag afterwards. By the time I got home I realized my wallet was gone. After 3 or 4 mini-aneurisms, a comprehensive tearing apart of my car, bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc yielded nothing. My immediate thought was that I had left it on the front desk and somebody took it, or that somebody had stolen it out of my bag somehow because my dad had just gotten his wallet stolen out of his car a few weeks earlier. Fortunately, Nervous Nelly Lab Tech #1 from the endo’s office called and said they had my wallet and I could come pick it up. I have NO idea how it got out of my bag because it has a jingly thing on the end, so if my wallet had hit the floor, I thought I would have heard it. I guess not. At least the doctor’s office has it and not some weirdo who swiped it out of the waiting room, could’ve been MUCH worse.

Yesterday I rode a late bus home and found it was one of the sweet double decker Megabuses. I sat next to a relatively normal person and I was feeling good until this woman gets on with her infant (literally looked like it was right out of the womb). She sits across from me, and proceeds to take up 3 seats (she only paid for 1 for herself), one for her, one for the baby’s carrier which she buckled in, and one for her stuff. I was already annoyed because I hate when people put stuff on a seat they aren’t saving for someone. It’s okay after the bus leaves and you know that nobody else will be boarding to sit there, but beforehand it’s just rude in my opinion. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse with her, she starts openly NURSING THE INFANT on the bus. I’m about 80% sure I saw at least areola if not full-on nipple. I know this is a debate of societal proprieties still, and maybe it’s because I’m not a mother that I don’t know, but is it socially acceptable to nurse in a readily visible place like a bus?

I love going home from school. It’s so relaxing to be at home and spend time with my parents and my brothers. Not to mention, I don’t have to buy my own food for that few days. :slight_smile:

yes, it is normal to nurse an infant in a visible, public place but I’m not sure it is completely socially acceptable yet. When an infant is hungry, they are HUNGRY!! Unfortunately, some nursing mothers are not as discreet in doing so as they probably should be and some observers get too uptight about a woman feeding her baby from her breast. Glad you found your wallet :slight_smile:

Geeez…getting squeamish over a nursing mother?? Big deal! Would you have rather listened to a crying baby? What the mother was doing by nursing is far better for her baby’s health than feeding the baby formula with a bottle. The mother was probably new to breastfeeding her infant, and that’s why you saw her nipple. With experience, she would have be able to breastfeed, and you would have never known. It can be done very discreetly by an experienced mother. Anyway, it’s nothing to get upset about.

Stop staring at strangers’ boobies, is the answer to your question.