My Weakness

Steamed White Rice.

Maybe a cultural thing- i grew up on rice! some days (those long and far away days before i was dx’d) i could (and did!) eat it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

I have cut back LOTS, but even when i plan my meal and only bolus for 1 or 2 3/4 cups of rice. i cant help but eat more!

Whats your weakness?


Chocolate :frowning:

My weakness are those chocolate dunker things from pizza hut lol. i hate when my mom buys those, because it is SO tempting lol

Chocolate covered cashews and also sour cream and onion chips (not together!)

MMM… sour cream and onio chips… that sounds good lol

Love steamed sticky rice. Also, chips & salsa. I can’t eat a reasonable amount of any of these, so avoid them completely. And pie, esp blueberry. Before being diagnosed, I’d eat an entire blueberry pie in one day.

Choclate and bread. Cannot live without either, don’t want to live without either. Choclate is one of the most important things in my life, come to think of it choclate is the only thing in my life. True !

It seems that just about anything with carbs and calories is my weakness. Cheesecake, chocolate, ice cream and bagels are way at the top of the list.

Reese’s peanut butter cups…Yum

fat man loves peanut butter cups.

Denise, I have some peanut butter here if you would like me to post some over !

Peanut butter ice cream ? I say someone on tv the last day making wheaten bread ice cream, True.

rice… oh do i ever miss it. and soya sauce

Chocolate covered almonds mmm good

Potatoes are my weakness – mashed, french fries, hash browns, chips, etc. So hard for me to resist (usually fail).

Now the funny thing is I am Asian and grew up eating white rice but I haven’t eaten any since December and I’ve been fine w/o rice. Haven’t had any cravings for it. (probably just jinxed myself by saying that!)

Potatoes prepared just about any way and Whoopie Pies!