MySentry — A New Category of Diabetes Device

Article in DiabetesMine


Right after the first of this year, Medtronic Diabetes announced FDA approval of mySentry, a remote monitoring and alarm system for their Revel CGM-enabled (continuous glucose monitoring) insulin pump. D’Mine Columnist and Correspondent Wil Dubois, also author of the award-winning CGM handbook Beyond Fingersticks, has been field testing one of these new systems for the last month. He’s quite enthusiastic! Don’t miss his thoughts on this whole new category of D-management tool:

By D’Mine Columnist / Correspondent Wil Dubois

Game changer is an understatement. Paradigm shift is too cliché. Revolutionary comes close. Oddly, there’s really nothing that special about the technology. Nevertheless, I believe it’s the biggest thing to hit pediatric diabetes in 95 years — the biggest thing since the invention of insulin.

With FDA approval of mySentry, the stage is set for a whole new category of diabetes devices that beam information — CGM data, pump status, alarms and more — to remote systems in real time. But beyond this, which is no small achievement, just what is mySentry? How does it work? What are its limitations? Who can benefit from it? Is it worth the cost, and just how much did you say it was?!


Thanks for passing along this review.

I saw a demo of this at a pump group meeting a couple of months ago. It is loud enough to wake the dead (or the parents. Wish my Ping had a volume setting!