Well it is very scary number,you could have ended in DKA which endangers your youthful precious life.Take care.

Like sohair said, them high numbers can really harm your body. I hope things are under control now. When I was diagnosed in 1964 we never had meters to check what my sugar was. From what I remember the doctor just saw all my symptoms and knew what it was.

I don’t know what I was at during diagosis (34 years ago - ha) but I had a pretty serious episode of DKA and I was at 561. Good gravy, you were twice as high - amazing that you are here to tell the story.

wow! that’s HIGH! wow! my highest was 434 or something like that at DX in 2004.

When I was first diagnosed my sugars were in the 1100’s. They were in the 400’s fasting. I was a peeing fool trying to flush out all that non metabolized sugar…lol.

My son was at 630 once, we probably hit a skin bump when we gave his shot, he had some insulin in his body but not enough obviously! Take care.

My boy was at 860 on the day he was diagnosed. But all the rest of his tests were good. He was peeing every 20 minutes.

Hello! sorry to say it but mine was 100,64 when i was dx in94 walked into er and ended up in icu were i was then dx with type 1. Never to i want to be that number again. And to think i acually worked that day. And thought i just had a cold. That was truely AMAZING!