Name 3 better features of the touchscreen G5 receiver

I expect that at some point in the future I’ll be forced to swap my current G5 receiver for a touchscreen version. I say that because I’ve already had 2 replacements and now Dexcom acknowledges that going forward, replacements and new sales are of only the touchscreen model.

I’ve read plenty of complaints re: the touchscreen receiver.

Can someone tell me 3 or more good qualities of the touchscreen unit?

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  • 3 hr data backfill
  • Does not have the bug that causes the old receiver to “brick” under certain circumstances involving power down
  • Slightly better range for connectivity

I appreciate you not asking for five !!!


Not sure what this means - can you please explain?

LOL! I figured I was pushing the envelope, asking for 3. :slight_smile:

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Lorraine, I know you were asking Tim, but I haven’t had mine do anything strange on power-down. Nor have I had to power it down to fix any issues. (I’ve had 3 receivers since the middle of last Sept.)

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The last Dexcom receiver I used was bricked after I powered it down without disconnecting the transmitter first. When I tried to power it back on it gave me an error message and directed me to Dexcom support. Luckily it was still under warranty and they replaced it.


Considering this seems to be an error on their part, I would hope they would replace all receivers that this happens to, even if no longer under warranty. I pay for these things out of pocket, and I’d be &@$+%! if this happened to a $700 device I’d paid for because their programmers didn’t catch a bug.

This happened to me. The term “brick” as applied to a electronic device typically means it no longer functional and has become as useful as a brick. Doorstop. Paperweight. Anchor. lol.

As per @Dave44 mentions, this clearly does not happen on every power down nor most power downs. We ran for years and never hit this. Power down on the receiver admittedly is not typical (when using the Dexcom system) but sometimes we would stop using the Dexcom for a period (for whatever reason) and the receiver would be powered down and put in the drawer. Never a problem. Until…

As @doc77 says, this is related to the connection with the transmitter. I am pretty sure I have a post that I made at the time that described the details. It is all a bit vague now. The gist however was changing the transmitter id to force the receiver to go into pairing mode and then powering down the receiver. Dexcom Technical Support said in the future, allow a minimum of 30 minutes after changing the transmitter id in the receiver before doing a power down on the receiver. (Assuming I have not incorrectly recalled the details.)

@Jen brings up the warranty. It is my understanding the receiver will only be replaced while still under its warranty which in the US is 1 year. I had 3 weeks left on my warranty when I called in so it was replaced at no additional charge.


@Tim35 this was exactly my experience also. Software version 505 when first released had a bug that caused the receiver to get stuck in a bootloop from which there was no recovery. Initially Dexcom replaced the receivers outright . As new receivers were deployed through sales with an updated software version they started to enforce the 1 year policy. I too have had mine replaced twice, once after calling tech support to inquire on the current recommended way to power down. The called was noted in Dexcom’s system so when i called 4 weeks later with a bootloop problem at the 13 month mark they replaced it. Still have the old pushbutton G5.

That’s a lot of receivers in a very short period of time!!

The issue with receivers being replaced (and the subsequent cost to the company) was specifically called out on one of the Dexcom earnings calls. From a company financial perspective, the new receiver is intended to address and resolve the overall problem of higher than expected failure rates of receivers under warranty.

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Let me tell you about a company called Apple … :exploding_head:


One was replaced due to the buttons being “crunchy” when pressed–very hard to press them. the second unit was replaced due to several occurrences of the screen not activating upon a button press.

We had a couple replaced in short order due to the alarm not being audible. But Caleb’s been using his phone nearly exclusively for years now, we don’t even know where the receiver is when we need it as backup!

Yeah - That was a big deal. There was an actual recall over that.
Even on the new touchscreen receiver, this concern carries over. Every time the device is plugged in to charge, a nag screen comes up asking to do a audio check.

The first time we use the receiver for a solid week and we get zero alerts then I will certainly do an audio check.

I like using the receiver (either the old or new) during nighttime as a redundancy alerting device.

Although we have both a functional old receiver and the new receiver, I have been using the new receiver (as redundant) although the receiving device primarily used is the Apple iPhone with Apple watch.

Note: To avoid accidentally hitting the bug on the old receiver, I took the old receiver [far] out of range of the transmitter. Then hit STOP SENSOR on the old receiver. Then adjusted the transmitter id slightly so as to NOT be the actual transmitter id in use. At that point returning back to in-range was fine and no longer relevant. We then let the old receiver sit around for hours, powered up with wrong transmitter id before doing an [old] receiver power down and putting it on the shelf for long-term storage.

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My understanding is that the Touchscreen receiver has brightness settings so you can dim it at night. Says she is nightly blinded by the old-style G5 receiver.

I personally don’t want the touchscreen receiver because I like the ability to occasionally dismiss alerts without looking at the receiver in my pocket. I push the 123 sequence enough with my Tandem pump and don’t want another device with that requirement.

My hope is that my smartphone will be allowed by Medicare before I have to use the touchscreen receiver. I am currently using a G4 receiver upgraded to G5 and have one more similar receiver. Then I also have the G5 receiver from my Dexcom bundle.

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I use my G5 light to light the way to and from the bathroom. Tis better than turning on a lamp and disturbing my wife.


@Dave44 i use my Tandem pump for the same thing…lol

How about 5 then lol… Just kidding

That’s just crazy talk.