So, after long deliberation I have finally come to a conclusion for naming my pump. Nothing strange or out the ordinary…
Zoe…I chose this because it means "Life Giving"
I thought it appropriate, since that is exactly what my pump is!
So…if you have named your pump, what is it’s name? And why did you name it that?

This topic has come up before and is fun to see. Since we live with them 24/7, a lot of people seem to name theirs. My pump is Thelma, and my cgm is Louise:) I actually asked for name recommendations on this site, and this is what Regina came up with. There were other good suggestions too, but I liked these best because they were girls with attitude!

I named it Jelly, because my friend was being ditzy and she said it looked like it was pumping jelly. :slight_smile:

My pump is Ophelia and my cgms which I just started Tues. is named Hamlet.

it counts! thats funny =D