Narcolepsy 1 with cataplexy

Our government at work (or in this case not working)

I think you might be “getting over.” I wouldn’t mention anything to them if you don’t have to.

Well it certainly is true that the Feds absolutely f up everything they touch. As I see a serious need to stop those of us that should not drive… I recognize that it might be a nightmare to get those privileges back. A catch 22.

Right now I’m ok just wearing my goofy bike helmet and riding my ebike down the bike path. Nothing exciting.

hehehe, Jethro. Bike helmets ARE embarrassing, but necessary sometimes. I want video of an ebike ride! What the heck is an ebike? An electric bike? Fun!

In general, the police and medics are required to report someone who has an incident while driving to the state, so its kinda covered without all the extra, redundant paperwork.

This is our MN DMV system. Its a nightmare just to maintain normal privileges. Thats why ADA is going after them. This video was from a year ago. The system still doesn’t work. They are starting over from scratch. They call it the “goat rodeo” of software projects. I liken it to a Mexican soap opera because of all the photos they have of young developers sobbing at their desks, lol.

Basically, this is what happens when the state tries to build a computer system. The girl in the wheelchair might has well be me and the rest of the diabetes community.

Last summer:

This summer…