Nasty diabetic driver accident in Edmonton, Alberta

MEANING … in his life with Diabetes, not so much as a truck driver! he had been to dr appointments regularly, was very anal about his meds, and being on top of his diabetes! Mark died that day, due to absolute complications from his type 1 diabetes. I know this because i had spoke to him before the accident.
Iam Mark’s fiancee, and never ever guestimate from gossip, its to hurtful to his loved ones.

Dear Sherri

We are so sorry for your loss. Diabetes can take so much from us. I think that what happened to your fiance is a nightmare we are all terrified of living through. We like to think that it won’t happen to us if we can just control things enough, but I think we all know that it could happen to anyone.

Sorry for your loss, Sherri, and sorry if I offended you.

I wasn’t trying to spread gossip, just to be fair and pass on a possible explanation for what happened. I’m surprised that you found it hurtful that there were suggestions that Mark may not have had his accident because of diabetes. My later postings (the first one 6 months before you posted) showed that the diabetes is now indeed believed to have been the cause.

The Ministry of Transport website says:
“A person who holds or applies for a driver’s licence must immediately disclose to the Registrar a disease or disability that may interfere with the safe operation of a vehicle. A medical report is required when applying or renewing a Class 1, 2 or 4 commercial vehicle licence.”

"Some of the diseases or disabilities that may interfere with the safe operation of vehicles can be found in these categories:
[among other diseases]
Diseases of the Nervous System (e.g. seizures, sleep disorders, dementia)
Metabolic Diseases (e.g. diabetes, parathyroid, pituitary, adrenal)‘’

Mark had to report his condition to the Ministry of Transport, and he would have had to pass a yearly medical. Based on what the news reports said about Mark’s medical history, I don’t think he should have been driving. If the Drivers Board medical people cleared him to keep his license, then I think a mistake was made. If, on the other hand, Mark kept his license because he never reported his history, then he was irresponsible.

Yes she did.
I saw that show too.
I’m in Southern Ontario & have a cousin who drives a big transport truck & he is Diabetic.
My Mom told me if his blood sugars go up to 13,he is not allowed to drive until he brings a doctor’s note saying his blood sugars are back in the normal range .

No one has posted on this thread for awhile, but I read the previous posts and I'm interested in the topic. I remember when this tragedy happened. I live in Edmonton. I have been a Type 1 diabetic since 1974. I've had a couple of bad lows while driving. but fortunately for me nothing serious happened.

Having my driver's licence since I was 16, I've had to get a medical and renew it every year -- until now! This is the first time I've been given a licence for 5 years.

My last one was bumped up to 3 years. Maybe I'll get 5 next time. They seem to have made a fundamental change to the way it's done in Alberta. To get more than a 1 year license before required a special request with a recommendation by your doctor. Maybe now a longer period is automatic unless you've had problems.