Nateglinide. My 220 went to 120 in 3 weeks. How good is this stuff? Anyone see these results?

Nateglinide is an older class of drug that I have not heard of in a while, its brand name is Starlix. While it is not a sulfonylurea it is similar in the way it acts which is by inducing the pancreas to produce more insulin, it can be quite effective if you have the beta cell capacity.

I personally have never taken Starlix but I did take a sulfonylurea, I had my first low blood glucose ever on the stuff long before I was on insulin.

Hypoglycemia is possible with Starlix but not quite as likely as with a sulfonylurea.

Please make yourself aware of the symptoms of low blood glucose and know how to treat it. The possibility is low but there is the possibility.

So far I feel much better. I took a sulfa for two years which worked well for about half that time.