National Depression Screening Day is Today!

It’s National Depression Screening Day so there are screening centers all over the country today with people who are trained to assess for depression and advise on treatment options if warranted.

Diabetes is a very demanding disease, and many studies have shown that diabetics are about twice as likely to experience depression at some point in their life compared to non-diabetics. A common symptom of depression is loss of interest in daily activities, which for many diabetics, means loss of interest in managing diabetes. Depression in diabetes has been linked to increased complications and earlier death. Depression can be treated though!

Here is how to find a screening center, and if there’s not one near you, there’s an online assessment tool so you can see if you should seek treatment.

I’ve been treated for depression for 19 years, and getting treatment literally saved my life. Get assessed if you’ve been feeling down. It’s free and anonymous, and your health is totally worth it!

This is great information, thank you!