Your Naturopath is completely ignorant and her argumentative nature about her incorrect beliefs would be enough for me never to return to her. I was diagnosed at age 60 years with type 1 diabetes. I have another physician friend who was diagnosed at age 45 years with type 1 diabetes. As mentioned by someone else, the terminology was changed years ago since you do not have to be a child to develop Type 1 diabetes.


“moving in the right direction” are the key words in your note. Keep it up! Cause to be proud of yourself.


Opposite tale—my sister and a niece were diagnosed Type 1 at ages 19 and 7. After years of being “borderline diabetic” (1970’s), I was diagnosed Type 2 at age 33. When niece’s 2 brothers and father (my brother)were declared diabetic, we were all tested for typing->MODY 3, Maturity Onset Diabetes in the Young, aka Type 2.