Nausea - Gastroparesis or Perimenopause?

Hi all! I know I have been not posting for a while awhile - mostly because I haven't any problems (lucky me for now!) and my D is pretty stable for the most part. Hope everyone is doing good! :)

Dudes, may not like this one..

I post in the Womens Forum but thought I might get some responses here too.

I have recently (I think) started perimenopause - you ladies can read about this here if you want:

Anyhow, since I am Type 2 (thin), I also was reading about the possiblity of gastroparesis which is scaring the crap out of me. The nausea is bad enough - even though it sucks is it is just a womens thing but if it is permanent it scares me. I had my period twice this month! (never happened before)

This just started a few weeks ago. It is not all not bad everyday so far I haven't thrown up. Happens mostly in the Am after I eat or after my coffee. I mostly wake up anywhere between 80 and low 100 every day- Often because of women hormone changes, (esp before my period), I can wake up in the 100s for a week even though I eat the same things around the same time almost all the time (except when I have to work than I eat less at different times and I get more exercise - I have to try doing that on the days I don't work too).

I will admit I have been a bit lax (compared to before) with my D. Since I don't have much money, I have only been testing in the morning to save on strips but for the most part I always wake up low (within decent "normal" range for diabetics). But I know that doesn't have anything to do with how I may be doing in the daytime. Bad me.

Today I ate my regular breakfast of half a bagel with vegan cream cheese, a splenda soy drink and my coffee (yes, caffeinated). Normally I feel pretty good after that and my BG doesn't soar. I take 500mg Met twice a day. Today I woke at 100 and ate around 10:30am - started feeling nauseated around 1:30 - tested at 2 - just to check how my BG is when I am nauseate (first day I am doing this) - I was at 200. Which I guess isn't too bad for being at 100 when I started and having a half a bagel (yes, I know - I have to stop the bagels everyday). I know most diabetics can't eat them at all.

I tend to be more lazy in the winter because I am often cold so I want warm stuff. I should cut down on the large coffee I have (2 cups) but I don't think it is the coffee.

So, I am babbling - but it sounds like, from what I am reaading, that nausea from gastroparesis can come around a few hours after one eats. But I don't get the same thing after my dinner (which is bigger than my breakfast). I really have to start eating smaller meals throughout the day but honestly I am not hungry enough to do this. I have always been a larger dinner person. Tough to break this habit.

I will be watching this. I made appt with my dr. but since I go to a low cost clinic I can't get in there until Jan 4. I am hopeing this is "women stuff" and not further D complications. If this is definately reminding me to get back on track more with my testing. (and yes, I have been a bit bad with some Christmas Candy lately but I eat little bits at a time!) and exercising (which I do less of in the winter)

So - after too much babbling here - I am thinking that if I were developing gastropareis I would also be nauseated after dinner a few hours too - which I am not (so far). I also have a a heaviness feeling in the "girl area" and general acheness when I have the nausea. Honestly does feel a bit like around when my period is going to start. I am uping my water intake which got lack for a while. I have had colon problems before so I am wondering about the return of that (pre cancerous polyps removed 10 years ago) - although I never had nausea when I had that.

Any thoughts or experiences? I know I am probably just freaking and it is girl stuff (I am 42) but just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of how I can tell until I go and see my doctor.

Hi KimKat, I'm type 1 and 51. If you tested at 200 over 3 hours after you ate, the nausea could be from high blood sugar especially if you're not used to running that high. I can't eat bagels anymore without bg spikes. Perimenopause seems to have made me more likely to spike from carbs than ever before.

Or it could be perimenopause as you suspect. I have had mild morning nausea with perimenopause. Nobody really prepares you for what to expect during perimenopause and that goes double for those of us with diabetes.

This year has been harder for me in controlling my blood sugar because of hormone fluctuations. My doc did bloodwork that showed my hormones at menopausal level even though I am still having periods (although irregular). Testing more often would probably help you figure out what's going on. Take care.

Thanks smileandnod for your nice response!

Well, yesterday, after I tested the 200 - my tum-tum was all screwy so I decided not to eat for the rest of the afternoon but drink lots of water. All I had to eat was a 4 carb piece of Xmas candy before I went on the rowing machine. Right now, I eat dinner around 8:30 - I tested at 87 (nice eh??) I was sort of nausated all throughout the afternoon but I also had lots of air in my stomach yesterday - I could feel all the bubbles poppin'. :) I ate my dinner and no nausea after.. I had some laxative tea which helped the rest of my stomach.

Today I had to get up earlier so I ate a bit earlier but didn't have time for my coffee. I started getting nausaated about 11:30 which was around two hours after I ate. :( I didn't test because I was out and about. (I woke up at 85). So I had nausea for about two hours after it started and than it had pretty much disappeared. I some snacks at the store (free samples at Whole Foods) - stuff I am not really supposed to eat like chips but I swear they make my stomach feel better. :) I something small to eat when I got home and so far I have been fine (that was about an hour and a half ago). Often I will feel the nausea in my mouth (like a sour feeling) and not in stomach. Today when I had it I felt achey and just down right crappy - not fun driving in the car in Xmas traffic with this. I didn't have much of an urge to throw up but I had my water bottle with me so sipping helps.

I read that ginger and peppermint help so I bought some tea and candies. Even though I should not have them I bought some crackers too - I figure a few won't kill me - because bready/crackery stuff helps (not good for a diabetic - just figured huh?)

So I am not sure yet! My intuition tells me it is girl stuff. The nausae lasted less today than it did yesterday - not sure if my skipping coffee had anything to do with it. I will see tomorrow. Of course I had a headache from no coffee!! But yesterday I kind of had one too when I nausated.

Oh, when I was diagnosed, I tested at 205 fasting and I never had nausea - so I do not think that is the high blood sugar. I have had way higher bg than that and I always just feel more tired and dehydrated when that happens - never nausea. I guess I will have to test again tomorrow. I have this weird feeling that, because I eat right when I get up, that it might have something to do with 2 hours after waking up thing and not really two hours after eating. That might explain why it doesn't happen after I eat dinner. I am one of people that has a hard time waking up even after I am out of bed - I always do not feel very good after I just wake up - it takes me a couple hours to feel normal and alert.

Nice to know there is testing available for the hormones.

Just a little update again - today I didn't really have any nausae until around 4pm! I had my regular breakfast and coffee - no nausae two hours later where I tested at 125. I felt like I was starting to get sick as I woke up with dry and slightly scratchy throat so I had some Emergen-C which I always have when I feel like I am starting to get sick (no real carbs in this- just a fizzy drink of Vitamin C). So I had that and a few peppermint mints and a few crackers when I started to feel a bit nausaeted and I tested at 4pm at 92! (no nausae last night either after dinner which I ate WAY too much carbs!)

So I can't see how this can be blood sugar related or gastroparesis- I think I am going to try to cut down on my coffee and see how that goes - I do know that I used to drink French Dark Roast for a long time and than all of a sudden it started to bother my tummy so I drink the lighter breakfast blend now which I have been fine with for quite a while.

I really think this is female stuff (although you would think fluxing hormones would cause higher BG changes - maybe it is different with every woman) - with the nausae is normally an upset tummy too (well sort of the same thing but air and gurgling) and today I started getting really emotional when the nausae started and, of course, my head felt spacey - I definately feel tired today even though my BG isn't high and I slept relatively well last night. It just seems to unpredictable to be diabetes and food related. But I will keep checking on it. Right now, I feel a bit nausaated - it seems to come and go in little waves some times - hopefully it will not end up lasting all day one day! I don't know if I could handle that. I LOVE to burb - makes it better but unfortunately I have always had a difficult type burbing - don't know why.:(

Anyone happen to know what hormone fwould be responsible in a woman for the fluxing perimenpausal symtoms?

I'm not a doctor or medical professional in any way and you definitely need to talk to your doc at the clinic when you go in January, but this really sounds exactly what I went through when my peri symptoms first started. You mentioned crackers and I remembered doing the same thing...had forgotten about that! I used to nibble on saltines or pita chips; not great for blood sugar but makes you feel better. I also had headaches and I've read that is also a symptom of peri-menopause. One thing I found helped me with nausea and stomach gurgling is raw apples if your blood sugar will allow you to eat them.

My endo explained the head/nausea stuff as your brain is having to adjust to new levels of female hormones and that eventually your brain will get used to the new levels and the symptoms will ease. I think all the female hormones come into play - estrogen, progesterone and testosterone and different ones fluctuate at different times and not the same for everyone. I'll be so glad when this part is over - my body has been through enough already! Ha Have a great holiday!

.....sounds familiar, incredibly familiar.
I cannot finish my meals most of the time, i get that bloated feeling and the immediate nausea afterwards. I also have nausea and hour before defecation, the strangest thing ( also feeling lightheaded, even dizzy ). I wake up at nite, feeling like vomiting , sweating always around 4 am. But in my case , i'm pretty certain that it's caused by high blood sugars. Actually, i blame every health issues i have on my diabetes, and most of the time..that's the case.

Thanks LavanderBlue! Sorry for all the problems you are suffering through!

Just an update on me though - I haven't any nausea for the last two days and I am eating the same stuff I always eat. So I am pretty sure it is NOT diabetes related and probably hormones. I have tested when I was nausaated and, for example, I am at 92 - well, 92 should not cause nausae. I do get air in stomach - but I always get that if I don't drink enough water. :) I think it is the Met too. What is your BG at 4am? The only time I have felt dizzy and lightheaded from BG was when my BG crashed one day because I spend too much time exerciseing - 42 - which is very low for me - once I sat down and ate sometimes I was fine. I did sweat too. Just wondering if your BG might be going to low...???

I wish I could know WHEN this is going to happen. At least with my regular period, it kinda new but this I never know - I can only cross my fingers and hope I will not be nauseated today!

I know what you mean though - everytime something new comes up I think "Crap! Is this a diabetes complication?" It is hard for us girls too because we have so many hormonal ups and downs that we can't control so it difficult to know what is what.

@smileandnod - Thanks so much for your info! You have really helped me out and made me feel better! That is very interesting about how your brain is adjusting to the new levels and has to get used to it - so I guess I can blame my brain!!! I have been trying to eat some apple - mostly because I have avoided fruit since I was diagnosed and was afraid to eat it. I eat half and apple with some peanut butter. For the most part, it is OK for me as long as I don't overdo it.

The funny thing with the crackers - they helped but I now I am tempted to snack on them when I am NOT nausated - lol! Bad I know. I think because I haven't had any for so long. I try to limit myself to 3 only. - They are my favorite kind so that is hard!

Oh,, I did notice that the ginger candies I bought helped one day a few days back when I felt nausated - I am not really a big ginger fan but the candies were nice - they are 5 carbs each though so have to be careful. I have two kinds - one is smaller so I think I will alternate.


I never have them anymore.

It's mostly the opposite. I wake up being in the 300's.
See my post in the diabetes type 2 forums i made tonight..for further explanation.

I went through perimenopause and full blown menopause and never experienced those kind of symptoms. Gastroparesis is usually from many years of high bgs and yours seem to be in control. The one thing that pops in my mind is some type of wheat sensitivity. I gave up wheat a couple of years ago because it was spiking my bg. One of the things I noticed after I gave it up was my menopause belly disappeared. I had always assumed all women got that bloated belly. I am not Celiac but definitely react to wheat with indigestion and bloating. Life without wheat is good now and I have a flat stomach.

HI all,

Well, I had nausea AND diaherra for several days starting new years day - the diaherra was pretty liquidy - Today it seems to be normal. I am not had nauseated but the nausea I had this time was mostly when I got up - like I didn't even want to eat my breakfast and I really wanted to throw up but couldn't I will admit that I had ate some stuff I shouldn't have on Dec 31 (I had free lunch - I ate some fries) but I was fine the rest of that day after I ate - but yeah, I had the leftovers for dinner.
My BG was higher in the morning for several days (a few times in the 130s). (but that might be from the potatoes - I think potatoes are one thing I can't ever eat unless I just have one of two fries - i know that was stupid - I used to LOVE potatoes - it is hard never having any). I am sticking to my low carb bread (rye) with peanut butter and my splenda cap soy drink for breakfast because my BG is too high for the half of bagel I usually eat.

Today I go see the doctor so we shall see. So far I haven't had my period again. Should come on the 9th if I go by my last screwy one.

Thanks Jeannie! I am not sure if that is what I have but anything is possible. I would think if I had that I would feel like that everytime I ate something with wheat in it - but between my bouts of nausea I was back to eating my normal half a bagel breakfast and there was no nausea. I do know a lot of people who do gluten free and they are not diabetic. I know that the gluten free diet is high in carbs (if you are eating any bready stuff that it). I certainly hope this is NOT it because there won't be much left for me to eat!!!! I did see online that there is a test for this so I will mention it today and see what she thinks. I did have polyps removed from my colon 10 years ago so I wonder I am developing something new???

My stomach doesn't really bloat up - I just feel crappy - like I was stating a few posts up - my brain will feel foggy too sometimes when the nausea is bad - I feel like I am half asleep or something. Sometimes my palms will feel sweaty - which is definately weird for me because my hands are usually cold! Do you have to avoid ALL wheat? The low carb bread I eat is mostly rye but yes has wheat and wheat gluten in it. I have been eating that for over a year though. I would think if I were sensitivite to wheat that I would have symptoms every time I ate it but I don't.

I do tend to have alot of air in my stomach on most days even when I don't have the nausea. I had this problem even before diabetes though. Mostly because I eat too fast - I try to eat slower but sometimes I just get it anyhow. Sometimes I won't have any after eating dinner but than I will have some in the morning??? Weird. ( i think I often sleep with my mouth open though because I don't breath well through my nose at night) I am wondering if I should be on the extended Met - I think I am just on the regular now but i would think that if that was causing the air than it would have shown up back two years (eek! its been almost two years already!) when I started taking it right - I didn't have it as much back than.

I will admit that I have been a bit lack in my diet - eating bigger portions etc and honestly I was doing OK on it. I want gain weight but it doesn't seem to doing anything but I do feel better because I can eat more. I have to remember to eat more fiber too. I usually eat those wasa breads - they are high in fiber and I seem to tolerate them well.

I also will say that lots of times the week before my period I will get higher numbers which is pretty normal for me.

I have read online that some women going through perimenopause and menopause will have no symtpoms whatever so ever and the rest will suffer something greatly. The fact that my period is screwed up and I had a clot like that led me to believe this is woman related. At least it isn't gastroparesis though. That sounds like a hard life.

I forgot to update here.

My dr. thinks I had/have a virus when I went to see her on Jan 4 and she told me to keep on eye on this. The day I saw her I felt fine. (got my A1C test - still in the 5's 5.8)

Period started two days later - it was relatively normal (for me anyhow). No clots.

I have been charting my nausea in an excel document - along with the period and other things.

I am still getting the nausea. Mostly it starts around 1pm this and can last - on and off though the afternoon until 5 or 6pm. I almost never have it in the evening but I have other stomach upsets and lots of air/gas - more than I have in the past. I have been eating prety much the same stuff and my BG's have been pretty normal - mostly waking up normal but I haven't really been testing most of the day.

Anyhow, started getting nauseated again last Sunday. On Monday morning, my left eardrum ruptured even though my ear was fine the day before. I wear hearing aids. I had some super sharp pains in my ear that woke up in the morning on Monday - I thought I was getting an ear infection - I got up and it felt fine - my hearing was more muffled than usual. I had to work that day and it was my last day to work that month so I wanted to get it over with. I went to work - felt fine (except for the nausea and my ear feeling full). Got home took my hearing aids out and there was blood on one of them. Ugh. just what I need.

So anyhow, couldn't get in to see dr. until a day later (not my normal one but they squeezed me in). I got oral antibiotics and drops. They think I had an ear infection because some "yellow" on my ear drum but yeah, it came out of nowhere (kind of can't help wondering if the "virus" my regular doctor thought I had before caused this - but she gave me nothing for it - grrrr) I still feel like crap. It can be normal apparently when this happens to have nausea. So it doesn't help me to figure out what is STILL going on when I feel like crap because of my ear.

Anyhow, I don't have any diaherea - although my stools are on the losser side than they normally can be - LOTS of air in stomach - almost ALL the time - not normal for me. My muscles have been achey (although I kind of overdid it at work on that last day so I hurt my back muscles but they are better now). I get the general achey feeling with the nausea and (of course) my head hurt and my cheek feels sort of pouffy, swollen and numb (probably mostly from my ear).

I have been reading some stuff online about the perimenopause and it seems like it can cause all sort of things and often it is hard not to worry there is something else wrong with you (like something more serious like cancer - which is all I can think about). I am not normally a hypocondriac (sp?) at all but it is hard not to be when you go from feeling relatively OK to feeling like crap all the time with no real reason why.

I am thinking about changing my diet around to see if the wheat might be aggrevating this (or even my beloved coffee! grrr). But I eat thing with wheat in it at night and I am fine - Perhaps it might be something IN the bagels I eat in the morning that is it. Although I was eating these same bagels for quite a while before this all started happening. It is hard for me to eat what I really should be having because I only have $150 a month to spend on food so I try to buy things that last - like the bagels (I only eat half a one) I can freeze and they fill me up in the morning. If I had unlimited spending on food (and could eat a more wide variety of things) there would be lots of other thing I would try.

I can't help but think it is women stuff because of what happened ( huge clot and 2 periods a month) right before this all started happening. Everything I am reading online from women who have this - seem to match exactly how I feel - same symptoms and all.

The hardest part about this is wondering if I will ever feel better again. It is so hard to function like this. (all this emotionalness is part of it too). It can be so random. Everyday I wake up and wonder how I am going to feel. I am actually nervous about it - which doesn't help. It is so scarey. Mostly too because I feel like if it is something else that I need to see a specialist for than well that is out of the questions - I have no health insurance so I can't. I am supposed to be seeing an ENT for my ears but I can't do that either.

I go back for a followup in a month for my ear - unfortunately not my regular dr. (who is a women) - I got this young dude who doesn't seem he knows what he is doing. Of course no way I can talk to him about "girl" stuff so I will have to make another appointment with my woman doctor - even though SHE is young too so I am not sure if she will get the whole menopause thing if I mention it to her - I know she is trying to rule out the simple stuff first which I think is normal but I just KNOW this is something else. I just know it.

I am overdue for colonscopy - but of course no insurance so I can't afford that. I had precanerous polyps removed from my colon 10 years ago. I was supposed to go in for another full one in 2010 but of course no insurance or money so can't do that. I plan to talk to the dr about if there is anyway I can have this done. One dr. told me there might be some way to have it done with no insurance but she never told me how - I would feel better to rule that out.

Sorry this isn't really about diabetes per say but I just had to write all this down somewhere. I really have no support system. Winter is hard for me too - even though I bundle up and cover up ears - I still get problems. The cold drains all the energy and strength out of me. :( Sometimes I wonder how I am gonna get through the rest of my life feeling like this - diabetes makes me tired in general and I was learning to work through that - but now all this nausea etc makes it even worse. If I could figure out what the hell is causing this and how to help it - it would be better. I feel so lost. :(

Hi KimKat, I'm so sorry to hear that you're still feeling poorly. If your symptoms are related to perimenopause, please know that it will get better. I had many of the same feelings that you've described over the last year and there were many days that I would wake up and say ok now what? But it's much improved for me right now.

I had a conversation with my ENT about the rough time I've been having through perimenopause and she said that women with diabetes often get hid hard during this time. I know that doesn't make you feel any better physically but at least know that you're not alone.

Perimenopause can also cause heightened anxiety. I've experienced this myself where at times I've worried almost obsessively about my own health and also the health of my loved ones, including the family dog. I told my doctor that I never used to be like this but I just don't know what's normal anymore. My doc said that some of the anxiety comes because you're listening to your body so closely and noticing every little thing that you might have just blown off before the peri.

Until you can see your doctors, focus on eating as well as you can, resting when you feel you need to. Make yourself your number one priority and remember that it's ok to put yourself first during this time.

Take care KimKat. I know it's not easy but I will keep you in my prayers.