Navigator backorder

saw an April 2009 question on this site about a Navigator backorder after patient had been approved for Navigator–seems if they wanted to they would have corrected back order by now—my story" after carrier and my self paying over 5000 bucks for navigator system I went to Joslin Clinic in Boston for it to be installed–the receiver malfunctioned in that none of reps or docs could open battery slot–so appt I travelled 2 hrs for and lsot a day of work was wasted–then when docs got online to India we think we were told the devices are on backorder and no idea when a new one would be available–consequence–all of the sensors that were delivered will not be our of expiration— Has anyone run into this problem with Navigator or is it just dumb luck? Just seems to me that if they had backorder problem in 2009 they would have cleared that up by now if they cared ( I found April letter by searching “backorder” on site

It cost USD5,000??

yes when you add in all the sensors and extra stuff they sent

I am wondering if Abbott is backing out of the business - read in horror:

I for one want competition - I am sad to see a company backing out of something I have found helpful.