Near Death Experience

So I had a scare Saturday the 3rd…

I woke up around 9am, checked my blood sugar, and it was around 180. I decided to read for a bit when I realized I was still tired so I went to take a nap.

The next thing I know, I was surrounded by 8 EMT’s and a very scared boyfriend.

It seems Walker (my boyfriend) came over and when he came into my room, I acknowledged his presence and he came and curled up next to me. He didn’t think anything at that point was wrong. (I don’t remember him coming in at all.) A little while later, he tried to wake me up and realized my skin was cold and I wasn’t reacting. He tried to get me to wake up and drink juice, and he said I finally managed to chew a glucose tablet but he realized something was really wrong, so he called 911. It was a good thing that he did because when the EMT’s got there, my sugar was so low it was unreadable. They told me later at the hospital that I had slipped into a coma and that if Walker hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t be here today.

I’ve seen my endocrinologist and we adjusted some of my pump settings and he has me on a new insulin called Apidra. He told me it works better and faster than the Novolog I was taking, so we’re giving it a try.

I don’t know what caused that to happen that day, but I’m extremely blessed to have Walker in my life, and this is at the top of a list of many other reasons.

scary! hey - watch that apidra. I’ve heard that it does work faster than apidra - which means potential for more tough lows. Is your doc reducing your ratios, etc?

Wow… That musta b e a scary ! Hey watch that stuff kiddo… and give your BF a big hug…

Wow! Glad that you are okay and give Walker a BIG hug today!

oops, I meant to say it does work faster than humalog :slight_smile:

Walker definitely got his fair share of hugs and kisses over the last week! <3

wow, that is so scary and glad that you are ok, did you find out what put you so low? Thank goodness for Walker and his quick thinking getting you help! :smiley:

OMG, amiga… I am so happy to know your boyfriend was there. Thanks for sharing this with us and thanks for being such an incredible person.

hug I’m glad I was there, too.

You are seriously the most awesome person ever… and I love you with all my heart

Steff, I’m glad that everything worked out and that Walker is in your life. Please take care,


Steff give that bf a big hug he deserves it! I’ve been a Type 1 for 34 going on 35 years and thanks to my bf’s and now my hubsand of 24 years and my kids (one 19 now and the other 18, my oldest is a Type 1 too) I wouldn’t have been here a few times! Belive me I know how scary that is and everytime it happens to me I thank GOD for letting me live through that one! I mean I figure it’s just not my time now also HE"S not through with me yet! I’m suppost to be doing something and haven’t done it yet maybe!!!