Nearly half of California adults are at risk for T2 diabetes -- The latest study

The latest study says nearly half of all adults in California are pre-diabetic and without dramatic changes one-third of these folks can be expected to develop T2 diabetes within 5 years. This will nearly double the number of people living with T2 in California.

Here’s a really great interview with Dr. Harold Goldstein by Capital Public Radio about the policy changes he feels are needed:

Dr. Goldstein says California can dramatically change the health landscape when it comes to T2 diabetes. It’s done it before–just look at smoking.

You can download the report Prediabetes, A Generation at Risk from UCLA Center for Health Policy Research and the California Center for Public Health Advocacy here:

The article goes on to explain that nearly half have “prediabetes” , and another 10% are actually diagnosed with diabetes… for a total well over half… I posted the LA times article regarding this to another thread