Nectar of the gods

Well a few weeks ago I ended up in the emergency room @ 23mmol. At which point they hooked me up to an IV and gave me a shot of insulin. I suppose I should have gone in sooner, but I figured because I am insulin resistant,what could they do for me anyway?

I was then put back on oral meds which had little if any effect and I was feeling like a big bag of poop. The other medication I was on in a pill form was going right through me undissolved and I became concerned.

I was on oral meds when I was first diagnosed 2 years ago and the side effects were minimal. I was doing so well and lowered my A1c to 5.8 so I was taken off meds and just went with diet and excercise. I became lax with my testing because I continued to eat well and I walk everywhere so I had no concerns. Slowly, I began to lose my energy and felt terrible all the time. I went to the Dr. and he said my BG's were up and my vitamin D levels were very low. I thought maybe going back to lifting weights would lower me some but to be honest, I didnt have the energy to put my shoes on let alone go to the gym. I did feel a bit better on the vitamin D suppliments though, so I figured I would wait until I started to feel better, and then start back at the gym. ( Then the emerg visit)

I have to say, that shot of insulin they gave me... was the best I have felt in months!!! But they put me on the oral meds and I began to decline
I talked to my Dr. and asked him if i could be taken off the oral and just take the insulin shots here I am, one week into the shots and I am finally starting to feel human again! It truely is the nectar of the gods!

Glad to hear it!

Top All Time Liquids:
1. Water
2. Insulin
3. Beer


Insulin is the best! If only i could still produce it. . .

As others on tu have said.... Insulin = life.
Maybe you should get one of those T-shirts that say "Insulin Powered".

Glad to hear. Keep feeling better. Insulin is life for us.

Happy you're feeling so much better. It's interesting how scary insulin seems until you actually try it.
Was wondering, though... Have you ever been tested for T1/LADA? Glancing at some of your previous posts (with the hypos, early control with diet & exercise but then needing insulin, and the vitamin D stuff) it completely mirrors my experiences so far.

No I havent been tested for T1 or LADA. There is no endo here up north. I never really fit into any catagory really so I just call it type Karen. I recall being sick all the time as a kid, underweight, poor consentration, passing out cold out of the blue. As far as I know, I was never tested for diabetes of any type until about 2 days before my son was born and I almost died from toxemia....What ever I have... it requires insulin... as I am beginning to feel human again and am getting my energy back!

Congratulations. I hope it is still working for you. Cheers! Joanne