Need a better doc office

So I am on the hunt (again) for a doctor in the SLC UT area who is good with diabetes issues. I have been extremely ill and my regular PCP office cannot find time to fit me in or even call me back–uggghhh. I get so tired of this. Anyone have positive recomendations to share??? I know it’s time to move on when my sugars are over 500 and I’m puking mucous and the front desk idiot can’t seem to sqeeze me in somewhere.

Where do you currently go?? I met good people at the mixer (where we met) from the Wasatch Endo Center…they are on Temple right by the restaurant where the mixer was.

Their web address is:

There’s a nurse practitioner named Michelle Litchman (she’s a tudiabetes member too) there that is wonderful.

I can’t speak about their appointment desk…but the people I met from their center were very nice and caring.

Good luck!!

Hi MJ. In the meantime, perhaps you should consider going to the ER. 500 and sick is not good.

I agree with Trudy. 500 and throwing up is not a good sign and you should go to the ER. You could be in DKA and that is dangerous to ignore.

I’ve found that when I’m a new patient, I’ve been able to get in more quickly than when I’m established so maybe just picking anyone will help?

I cannot say anything about doctors where you live since I have never been there. But I think if you are throwing up mucous and acid there is no time to lose. Get to the ER NOW! It sounds like you have DKA and need urgent treatment. Apart from feeling ill now, there is the distinct chance of long term damage to kidneys, heart, nerves etc, none of which is reverseable.
And of course there is no way of knowing when you will go into a coma. I used to get DKA badly (was once 25 minutes from death when I got to the hospital owing to some idiot who thought they knew better and insisted that I was so ill because I had been drinking alcohol!)

Turned out I was so high because of a chest infection. That time I was on ICU for 5 days before I got under control and I do not remember much about the first two days at all!

I wish you well.

I have been going to Okubo’s office–I generally like the PA I see there, but the front desk makes it impossible for me to schedule. I can just never seem to find an office that knows how to work with diabetics and how a regular illness that could be treated with home remedies can need much more! Thanks for the suggestion–I’ll be checking into Michelle for sure.

Definitely go to the ER. You could have pneumonia and with BG in the 500 you could also be headed into DKA if not already.
I definitely would not be waiting for an appointment. I hope you havee gone to the ER already. If not Go Now.