Need a new dexcom case

ive had it since last year my other one start falling apart within 2 months i called them and said id like a replacement well now my other one is falling apart and i dont wanna spend another $20-$30 because my dex wont be covered because my warranty was up in march so they wont send me another free case and my insurance wont cover another dex until 2 years has passed even if its no longer under warranty....

So im looking for a strong and effective case for a good price..

any help would be appreciated

Hey Andrew!

I never liked the cases that came with my Dex. I would be happy to send mine to you if you'd like.

The case I'm using now is something I found at WalMart that was made for a small digital camera. I bet there are a ton of options out there if you open up to using cases that were designed for something else.

would you be able to suggest anything? not sure where to start

It's been at least three years since I bought mine, but check out the digital camera belt cases at a Target or Walmart to start...

Well i want something around the same size as the dexcom case and that will go on my belt as im constantly moving because im a stocker in retail so it would make it less likely to be in my way

Yep, makes sense. The camera case I'm using has a loop that you slip your belt through (as opposed to a clip). It has a pretty slim profile that I've found to be even slimmer than the clip case the Dex came with. Although I have to admit my stomach hangs out farther than the dex, so... Haha!

do you remember the name of it or could you maybe link it for me?

It's a case logic one. It's something like except mine is sideways rather than up & down.

i can find one for it but i cant find the measurements for a dexcom

I don't know the exact measurements of a Dex. That's why you might want to go to a local Target or WalMart to try them in person.

im contacting dexcom im hoping they can tell me

I got this case made for a verizon LG chocolate - fits perfectly, snugly, it's leather and cheap cause they don't make the phone any more. I don't remember where I got mine last year, so google it.

not seeing anything that would fit the measurement that i saw but thanks for the suggestion

Here's a link to the case jrtpup mentioned. I also have one from Amazon, but don't see it currently available there. This one is great because it has openings where you can see the graph, and also push the buttons. But maybe you prefer one that's completely covered.

phone case link

If you find a phone case advertised to fit the LG 8550 phone, it's likely to be a good fit for Dexcom.

Thanks MM - couldn't find it!

no problem.
I think they no longer make the cases or the phone. But occasionally I see a website that still has some cases.

I have the little one Dexcom sent w/the Dexie. I won't use it. Send your address and I'll be glad to mail it to you. It's the black one w/a clear plastic window and belt clip. I love my belt that I wear. Have a great day.

Ellie Looks like still on Amazon for $3.00.


Ellie, I didn't see the one we were talking about there - can you give us the link to the actual case? I'd love to get a spare for $3. Paste the lin into a new window and it should work. I'll mail you mine too if you send address. :) Ep