Need advice - getting new pump - paperwork just sitting in doctor's office

I am in the process of getting a new Animas pump. My insurance company has already approved it. The letter of medical necessity has been in my endo’s office for over a month now just waiting for my doctor’s signature. Animas has called them, and I have called twice. I got a snippy message from the diabetes educator saying it was waiting for a signature and when it was signed she would fax it and proceed from there. What should I do. I am told there is no problem that it’s just waiting for her to sign it. I am soooo tired of waiting - especially when Animas is ready to send it to me like yesterday! Do I have any rights as a patient to have them sign the form or should I just wait it out? (By the way, the educator has to be the one to fax it, and she is only in the office two days a week - so when Tuesday and Wednesday pass, I know I have to wait a whole week more.)

If you can’t get the pump company to push it through then I would make an appt to see your doctor (on a Tuesday or Wednesday, of course) and I would sit there with him while he signed the form and then ask him or the CDE to fax it while you wait.

Sometime you have to be a little pushy to get what you need :slight_smile:

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