Need Advice: How to control "the grumpies" (emotions) when BG is high (diet/exercise only)?

Hi all -

I've been low key for a while with work and alot of other things going on. Anyway, BGs are steady creeping higher, last appt w/endo he's back on the Metformin wagon even though Met or Met ER and I didn't get along.

My BGs in the mornings used to be 80s-90s but now I'm 111- 130 and lunch and dinner used to be 120s but now hover around 160 - 180. Bedtime I'm around 130 - 160.

And the sweating--either before, while, or after I eat. Then comes the drowsiness and wanting to sleep even though I'm doing a low-carb diet (I've cut out the starches). Still losing weight--up to 45 pounds now. Don't have the energy to exercise.

I wrote all this out and gave it to my endo as well as told him and he just stuck it in my file and said he would see me in Nov and check my A1C and talk about diabetic pills.

My question -- How do you handle mood swings when your BGs are climbing. My mom says I'm beginning to become unbearable to live with--anything and everything is ticking me off--at home and at work. I've always been a cool cucumber and let things roll off my back by cracking jokes, but lately I'm just down right irritable and constantly tired.