Need advice

hy people,
i have just come bak from 2nd a1c since diagnosed and its come to be 5.9 so thats good but i also had my insulin level checked and its 26.i am on only 12 units of 70/30 a day.Now when i got diagnosed i was at a1c 15 and insulin level 1.7. my doc now wants me to take off 70/30 for now and check my sugar levels every 4 hours and and do adjustment to sugar levels if needed using humalog.Then later on he will decide if he needs to put me on insulin or diabetic pills like matamorfin.Now i am not sure whats happ ?Is he trying to figure out if i am t1 or t2 ? i am still in honeymoon period i have been diagnosed 8 months bak? if i am t1 Can bg for t1 be controlled using pills?i have even heard this t1.5 , whats that?