Need advice

I just started on the cgms with my MM 722. I noticed tonight when I took the transmitter off to charge it that I had some blood under my sensor. It is still giving me accurate readings. Should I change out the sensor or am I ok as long as it is giving me accurate readings. It has only been in 7 days. I am trying to make each sensor last as I am on a fixed income and I am paying out of pocket.

Wow! You were able to squeeze 7 days out of your sensor? I can usually get 6 accurate days. Bleeding under the site superficially is common and like you said, as long as you are getting accurate readings, all is well. Usually when the sensor is done the graft just gets kind of flat, it no longer calibrates well and you will see more and more of a difference between blood glucose readings and sensor readings. At that point you may as well change because it aint givin any more. Hope this helps.

i heard that it is normal to have a little bit of blood occasionally under the sensor inserted… so long as its not gushing!

I have had a few here latley that have have acutally had blood come back out when I remover the inserter needle, but it calibrated and gave me readings fine, so now I always wait a while to see if it is going to be accurate or give me a bad sensor error when I have any kind of bleeding.